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DEA furnishing versatility
Refined design and resistance

Garage furnishings Made in Italy

DEA Italian Worklab is specialized in outfitting and furnishing car garages: our modular furnishing solutions, the design service and the unique and refined design of our furniture are the distinctive traits that qualify our company all over the world.

We follow the most current furnishing trends, proposing functional, neat and pleasant furnishing solutions to use as much as to see to set up a mechanic's garage. Following this approach, the refined design becomes an element capable of optimizing time and therefore productivity, as well as guaranteeing a comfortable and safe environment for both workers and customers.

DEA professionals evaluate all the jobs that will be performed in the workplace so as to create a layout of the garage with a refined and functional design. They then design the ideal compositions down to the smallest detail, in order to positively influence efficiency, quality of work and satisfaction of workers and customers.

The result obtained is a perfectly organized, elegant and innovative garage.

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DEA Drawer units: design and functionality

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DEA furnishing versatility

The added value of our garage furnishings is the possibility to mix and match them according to the actual spaces available, integrating only the modules that you really need in the composition.

This way you can create long furnished walls by installing several pieces of furniture of the same type, or of different types, in series. Or, create more compact workstations by customizing the composition to the maximum.

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Refined design and resistance

DEA’s cornerstone is quality: for this reason all DEA products are rigorously controlled at every stage of production, with particular regard to the painting process, an extremely delicate phase in product finishing. The meticulous control, however, is not limited only to the look, but also to the structure.

In fact, DEA modular furnishings, in addition to having a refined design and an impeccable look, are made of sturdy 20/10 steel sheet with reinforcement bars, in addition to having a scratch-proof DCT coating that is resistant to even the most aggressive acids.

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How we make garage furnishings

Each DEA car garage project comes to life following a well-defined process perfected over the years: the designer takes care of every aspect in detail and works with the aim of achieving the best technical-economic result.

The choice of furniture begins with our inspection, defining what is essential to have in the garage to be able to work at its best. Once the specific needs have been established, we move on to choosing the most suitable garage furnishings for the purpose.

At this point we continue with defined work steps:

  1. 3D rendering, a graphic preview of the finished work;
  2. Presentation to the customer, during which we present the virtual project;
  3. Project finishes, from installation production, passing through assembly and arriving at quality control;
  4. Turnkey installation of the garage furnishings selected together, entirely at our expense.

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Customization in every respect

For each car brand, maintaining an image consistent with its corporate identity is essential. DEA furnishings can be customized with the colors that best represent the brand, just choose the most suitable one from more than 300 different colors. The finish can be matte, semi-glossy, glossy as needed.

Once you have chosen the color, you can also choose the finishes that best complement the furniture: handles, adjustable feet, stainless steel profiles, drawer mats ... we leave room for you to express your style.

The DEA staff is also available to create entirely customized new garage furniture, if they are not in our range. Our professionals can create new components based on the required technical and aesthetic features.

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