Single ecological module with double container


An ecological module with a large and high-capacity rail-mounted drawer complete with a double removable container for sorted waste collection.

The removable containers are made from coated aluminium, and are equipped with handles for easy extraction and protective rubber feet.

The cabinet is equipped with an ergonomic handle in extruded aluminium and adjustable feet for properly levelling the module.

All the components are polyester powder coated. Furthermore, there are pre-cuts in the upper and rear zones that can be easily opened during the installation phase in order to feed electrical wires or air hoses into the sides of the cabinet.

If combined with the fold-opening AR-152 worktop, the containers can be accessed from above with no need to extract the large drawer. 

A single ecological module with a double container, complete with:

  • Reinforced guides;
  • Possibility of access from above (in combination with the AR-152 worktop);
  • Ergonomic handle in chrome-plated and polished extruded aluminium designed to endure over time;
  • Possibility of feeding electrical cables and air hoses for connecting to the local systems;
  • Polyester powder coating;
  • Adjustable feet.


Configurations in which this product is found
installed in
  • Auto Repair Shops (mechanical, diagnostics, tyre/wheel alignment, pre-delivery, receiving, engines and transmission areas)
  • Motorcycle Repair Shops
  • Body Shops (pulling, dismantling, pre-delivery, receiving areas)
  • Workshops
  • Industrial Facilities
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