Specific solutions
for industrial set ups
Variety and resistance
Quality and safety

Industrial workstations

Industrial workplaces need specific furniture and equipment: not only chests of drawers, but also professional cabinets, trolleys and workbenches. Starting from the experience accumulated in the automotive sector, DEA can offer a complete and high-level solution to the needs of the industrial world.

The productivity of a complex work environment, such as that of a production company, an industrial laboratory or an assembly line, is closely linked with the availability of equipment and instruments up to the task.

DEA Italian Worklab, after more than 10 years of experience in the automotive sector for workshop and body shop furnishings, today offers its specific solutions for industrial furnishings: the DEA product range meets the highest market standards and has one of the largest varieties available, but there's more. Our service includes consultancy, 3D design, custom production, testing, transportation, installation, commissioning and after-sales service.

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Our products
Variety and resistance

The first requirement that DEA furniture meets is variety. We certainly offer a wide range of drawers (in different heights, widths and capacities), but also complementary solutions for the various work sequences of an industrial environment:

  • cabinets with high capacity
  • steel, stainless steel or wood worktops
  • workbenches, with specific modules for fold-away clamps
  • modules for energy distribution
  • tool trolleys
  • wall-mounted systems
  • waste collection modules.

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Quality and safety

Quality is found in resistant materials and finishes: all modules are made of welded sheet metal, painted with epoxy powder, and the shelves have certified high capacity (from 100 up to 400 kg). The support surfaces are reinforced with ABS coatings, the handles are ergonomic, the feet adjustable, caster wheels are equipped with brakes.

The drawer units are all equipped with an anti-tilt (non-tip) system, to guarantee operator safety at all times. At the customer's discretion, the modules can also be equipped with a lock system: classic key, badge or code locks.

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How we create industrial furnishings

One of the objectives of our industrial furnishings is to offer the customer a well-rounded service, saving him the need to interface with multiple suppliers, align them and coordinate them. We take care of everything: from the inspection to the after-sales service.

We offer advice on all aspects related to the industrial work environment, we visit the construction site, we talk to the staff to understand the actual needs. Technicians and designers work together to find the most suitable combination or, alternatively, study new custom answers: for any specific need, the team is ready to readjust the products, revisit and enrich them, even with 3D projects that allow us to evaluate all the dimensions and offer the customer a realistic preview of the finished installation.

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The Made in Italy flair

The strength, longevity and reliability of an industrial design by DEA have already been tested and appreciated by Italian and international companies. Together with our design, recognizable at a glance, with that touch of class that only Made in Italy can give.

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