Garage cabinets, a model for every need

Garage cabinets, a model for every need

Garage cabinets are work tools, yes, but they are also design elements that portray your brand, its prestige and its elegance. Here is our range of garage cabinets.

Garage cabinets – drawers, cabinets or trolleys – can be more than normal material storage tools: they can become modern furnishing elements and emphasise the style and character of your brand with determination.

For this reason, at the DEA Italian Worklab we rely on the quality of the materials, production and design of your garage cabinets: here are a few examples for each line.

Which cabinet for your garage?

Our garage cabinet range includes three types:

  1. Drawers
  2. Trolleys
  3. Cabinets

All three types are available in different heights (90 cm and 110 cm, with some exceptions available even taller) and lengths (72 cm, 108 cm, 144 cm).


1. Drawers

Drawers are always necessary: small parts, documents, small measuring instruments, tools such as keys or screwdrivers, etc. they remain clean and tidy if placed in the various drawers of a fixed cabinet. Better yet if the drawers are not all the same but with different capacities.

Our drawers have sheet metal frames and a shock-proof, scratch-proof and rust-proof ABS top. Drawers guarantee high capacity and volume, have ergonomic and easy to grasp handles (even with greasy hands!), HD guides and soft, super silent closure. What's more, they are perforated for cable and pipe passages for your convenience and to keep your worktop tidy.

2. Trolleys

If drawers are the garage cabinets designed to remain at the workbench, trolleys are designed to be removed from the bench and taken to the workstation. They are used to keep tools at your fingertips when working on a vehicle: tools, bolts, screws, spray, compressors, batteries, small spare parts, etc.

Our trolleys are ideal for at least 2 reasons:

  • They are functional – raised top edges to prevent objects from falling, drawers with different capacities, castor wheels with brakes, shock-proof and scratch-proof body.
  • They are aesthetically impeccable – compact, linear, elegant, well-finished with extruded aluminium, glossy or matt paint, accessories and internal parts (for example, non-slip mats or dividers).

3. Cabinets

The most versatile garage cabinets are those with doors: the door is retractable (with right or left opening) and thus does not occupy workstation space, even when open; the interior can include a single base shelf, one in the middle or several intermediate shelves.

What's more, the DEA cabinet range also includes modules with double doors and independent compartments, furnishings without base and back (ideal for columns or to be integrated in double fork bridge columns), modules with shutters and removable shelves, modules with sink or part cleaning tank for special needs.

Do you want to see the entire garage cabinet range? Or personally request more detailed information?

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