Module with motorised shutter and monitor support panel


A practical unit with a motorised shutter , for 1 DEA Module.

Unit equipped with an adjustable shelf and a monitor supporting back panel.

Back panel equipped with 4 universal holes for the Monitor installation.

Aluminium shutter.

The module has a full lock system and an adjustable attachments kit for the proper levelling of the module itself.

All the components are polyester powder coated. 

One DEA Module with:

  • Aluminium shutter;
  • The possibility of keeping the shutter closed for the Monitor protection;
  • Adjustable shelf;
  • Monitor supporting back panel, with 4 universal holes;
  • Polyester powder coating;
  • Full lock system; 
  • Adjustable attachments kit;
  • Cable feeding. 
installed in
  • Auto Repair Shops (mechanical, diagnostics, pre-delivery, receiving)
  • Motorcycle Repair Shops
  • Body Shops (pre-delivery, receiving areas)
  • Workshops
  • Industrial Facilities
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