Workshop trolleys

DEA workshop trolleys: a solution for every need

DEA workshop trolleys are designed and manufactured to best meet the operators' daily needs.


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The purpose of workshop trolleys is manifold. First of all, there is the need to contain the tools of the workshop, organizing them in an orderly and sensible way; then, there is the need to make it easily visible, almost at a glance, helping enormously those who do not usually work in the same place or are too busy to think about the drawer to be opened, what is inside it.

Every workshop trolley must be stable and solid, given that its content is very heavy and can easily unbalance a light or inappropriate furniture; finally, the purpose is to make its contents safe and secure, since once the work is finished and the trolley remains in the workshop, the tools must not remain at the mercy of anyone or any external weather.

To these main purposes, DEA has added another one, that which designates its recognizable sign and which explains its philosophy: the particular weight given to the aesthetic taste, found both in the workshop trolleysand in the other workshop furniture that DEA has created. The fascinating design of the workshop trolleys meets the technical efficiency of the instrument in every facet, in order to organize the workshop and its furniture in the best possible way: practical, intelligent and aesthetically pleasing.


The technical characteristics of the DEA workshop trolleys

How did the DEA technical staff manage to achieve their goals? By making a series of improvements and perfecting your furnishings with decisive insights.

We start from the base, and so from the adjustable feet and wheels of DEA worksop trolleys, reinforced to ensure the greatest possible stability, equipped with brake and clearly pivoting, to move the workshop trolley comfortably in all directions, thanks to the help of an ergonomic handle in which a label can be affixed.

But what would a workshop trolley be without its drawers filled with heavy mechanical tools? Nothing. This is why every single drawer in DEA workshop trolleys has been tested to support up to 30 kg each. A substantial weight, made completely stable by the internal structure of the trolley, because each component is closely linked to one another by welding.

The strength and solidity of the DEA workshop trolleys is therefore fully established.


Single trolley unit, 110 series with 7 drawers

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Single trolley unit, 90 series with 4 drawers

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Single trolley unit, 90 series with 6 drawers

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One and a half module trolley unit, 90 series with 6 drawers

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One and a half module trolley unit, 90 series with 5 drawers

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Single trolley unit, 90 series with 4 drawers

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Single trolley unit, 110 series with 6 drawers

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