Workshop furniture

DEA Worklab's solutions for the high-class workshop furniture

In this section you will find the complete range of our workshop furniture, divided according to their specific function:

  • Single, double or triple worktops
  • Drawer units and trolleys with large drawers for storing tools
  • Cabinets with recessed doors 
  • Customizable desks with shelves and drawers
  • Ecological containers

Your workbench can be completed with special wall furniture, to make better use of all the space in the work area, or with special cabinets for large tools. Finally, you can find the modules for the distribution of fluids and energies, ie the workshop furniture designed to accommodate the most widespread cable reels.


The advantage of our workshop furniture is the possibility of composing them according to the actual spaces of your workshop, integrating in the composition only the modules you really need and excluding all the others. Not only that, you can create long walls furnished by installing in series many furnitures of the same type or different types, and create a set-up of the color that best represents your brand.

All the finishes of our workshop furniture are treated with meticulous attention to quality, from the painting to the adjustable feet, from the handles to the drawer guides, from the corners to the stainless steel profiles.