Workshop workbenches

DEA's workshop workbenches can be perfectly integrated within any type of composition: workbenches for mechanical workshops, bodyshop, diagnostic area or receiving area, and more. They are available in one module, two modules or three modules in heights 92 and 110.

AR-268.01 AR-268.11

Single workshop workbench with drawer, 90 series

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AR-463.02 AR-463.02

A module and a half workshop workbench, 90 series

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AR-302.02 AR-302.02

Double workshop tyre-rack workbench, 90 series

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All of our workshop workbenches are characterized by:

  • high quality structure and materials to increase efficiency
  • modularity so to allow different combinations depending on need and spaces
  • high aesthetic quality


DEA’s workshop workbenches help you work in complete freedom and at higher rate

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The added value of our workshop workbenches is modularity so they can be placed in all sorts of workshops from the smallest to the biggest ones.

Due to their modulatirut features, you can choose how to compose your workbench by:

  • using just one module (single, double, triple)
  • combining multiple elements (for example, a double bench and a triple bench for make a large work surface)

A workbench as a PC workstation

Among the various chances of customization DEA provides you, you can also choose custom workbenches with drawers mounted on DEAmotion guides, ideal for hosting the PC workstation.


workbench as a PC workstation

Mobile workbenches to increase efficiency

Our range of accessories allows you to increase the efficiency of your workshop. For instance, you can add pivoting wheels to the workbench so to be able to easily move it around the working area, next to the vehicles you are repairing.

This simple trick makes it possible for mechanics to have all their working tools just next to them and speed up their work.

In addition, you can add various kinds of tool trolleys, drawer units and other modules to our workshop workbenches so as to obtain the best from them.


Despite the many available models, all workshop workbenches share some common features:

  • adjustable feet to adjust the leveling of the module as you like
  • optional shelves or additional drawers
  • pre-cuts in the upper and rear area to pass electric cables or air pipes inside the furniture's shoulders during installation
  • ergonomic handles that make it easy to open the drawers and move the workbench around

In addition, the lower shelf of each workshop bench is equipped with ABS cover that resists acids, scratches and also dampens the noises of tools when they are placed on the workbench.


workshop workbenche


DEA’s workshop workbenches are highly resistant to bumps, scratches, and corrosion. They are used as actual tables on which to carry out all the necessary operations, even those that put the work surface to the test.

However, all these functional characteristics do not make the aesthetic appearance of our workshop workbenches any less distinctive:

  • their structure is covered in epoxy powder, with high chemical and mechanical resistance
  • the epoxy powder guarantees that the structure will last for a long time without showing signs of corrosion, keeping its shiny appearance intact

Colors and finishes

The design of our workshop workbenches is essential and decisive: the color is customizable and its finishes available in a glossy or opaque version. Stainless steel profiles complete the picture.

DEA’s workshop workbenches help you work in complete freedom and at higher rate

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