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Furniture of the month

Dear customers, every month DEA ​​has decided to present you a product combining it with a history of famous cars, that inspired us in its customization as, in this case, the legendary Ferrari 275 GTB / 4 that belonged to the movie star Steve McQueen

We are here and we work for you!


Our company is in a position to give continuity to existing business relationships, to the highest quality of your service. We are a prepared, equipped and organized team able to meet your needs, that we hope will reach us even in this difficult moment.

New DEA installation for the BMW Group Australia

New DEA installation for the BMW Group Australia

DEA flies overseas again, but this time we are talking about the Pacific Ocean and the destination is New Zealand: in North Shore, Auckland, DEA installation technicians have recently concluded a great project for a new BMW dealer.

DEA is here for you

DEA is always present

Dear colleagues and friends, Today we’d like to give you an easy but very important message, that embodies our work philosophy Here in our hometown, Reggi...

Happy Holidays from the DEA team

Happy Holidays from the DEA team

Just as 2019 comes to a close, DEA crowns its exceptional growth studded with exceptional success by stepping up its quality. We thank you all for what we are and what we will be! We wish you Happy Holidays.

DEA furnishing in the Ferrari Pilotino

L’allestimento DEA nel Pilotino Ferrari

Emiliano Perucca Orfei, editor in chief and race car driver, shot a vlog of his visit to Ferrari during the F8 Tributo launch. The set was exceptional: custom DEA furnishings for the #1 car manufacturer in Italy.

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