Workshop drawer units

DEA Drawer units: design and functionality

DEA workshop drawers are metal drawers designed specifically for mechanical workshops: they are spacious, resistant to chemical agents and mechanical stress, and extremely functional thanks to the exclusive DEAmotion guides (in the 1 module version) with total extraction.

In everyday use, the DEAmotion system allows the operator to search faster than the tools stowed in the drawer unit, since the drawer closure must not be accompanied but the guides cushion it, making it silent and fast.

Each drawer of our workshop drawers can support a weight of up to 30 kg.



We design our workshop drawers for high-end companies, who want to set up the workspace with functional furnishings that are also beautiful to look at, capable of reflecting the high quality of their products.

Each DEA ​​workshop drawer unit is painted with epoxy powder, with high chemical and mechanical resistance. Our drawers are equipped with ergonomic extruded aluminum handles, with guides for inserting a label.

Each drawer unit is customizable thanks to a series of optional accessories such as separators, modular boxes and non-slip mats.


Single drawer unit module, 110 series with 7 drawers

AR-001.10 Find out more

Single drawer unit module with 5 drawers, 90 series

AR-016.10 Find out more

Double drawer unit module, 90 series with 5 drawers

AR-074.10 Find out more

Double drawer unit module, 90 series with 6 drawers

AR-074.10-6 Find out more

Double drawer unit module, H150 cm with 12 drawers

AR-178.10 Find out more