Outfitting for the Precision Metalworking Industry | DEA

Outfitting for the Precision Metalworking Industry | DEA

DEA industrial workbenches are disrupting the traditional industrial market.

Together, let's explore why by analyzing this important installation for a company based in Bergamo, which received its new furnishing in October.

The need for industrial outfitting

Outfitting workbenches for industry involves organizing and arranging the tools, equipment and materials needed for production. This includes choosing the most efficient layout, selecting suitable furniture and supports, as well as installing equipment and setting up lighting and power systems. The goal is to create a safe, efficient, and comfortable working environment for operators that allows for maximum output and improved product quality.

The needs of workers operating precision machinery are many, and not just concerning the use of milling and turning machinery. The choice of tools, components, and workbenches are all parts that channel into a company culture, which must be precise and allow a minimal margin for error.

The company's requirements for the industrial project.

We were approached by this company, which needed to reorganize its interior space to optimize what are business procedures, and the functionality of the furniture.

The client's needs were different, they wanted:

  • Cable integration for monitors and computers
  • Integration of CNC cone holders
  • Large storage spaces
  • Option to add clamps in different positions.

To accommodate these requests, DEA's engineers came up with meticulously designed solutions that achieved the client's desired result.

As for the monitors, the furniture provides for excellent integration of the cables. There is no trace of electrical or Internet cables on the work surface, while also ensuring maximum convenience and use of the top surface by installing the AR-447.11 module with a drawer for storing both the keyboard and mouse once they have been used.

Regarding CNC cones, we know that blades, cutters, and spindles used for component cutting operations are very dangerous tools that must be guarded safely. Incorporating a cone holder into the composition was a breakthrough for the company, which not only keeps employees safe, but also ensures order and prevents these components from breaking.

We are proud to have successfully completed this installation, and we are pleased to have been able to work with a company that has been in the precision engineering market for more than four decades, setting up a space that is functional yet elegant at the same time.

DEA's engineers listened carefully to the client's requirements and after analyzing the company's floor plan and receiving input, they created a high-performance design that fully satisfied the client.

DEA always stands by companies that strive for innovation. If you, too, want to give your furniture a makeover, contact us and tell us about your company's needs!

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