Elegance, practicality, and an unmistakably bold style: a new automotive project by DEA

Eleganza, stile grintoso e praticità: un nuovo progetto DEA nel settore automotive

The new furnishings at the ARS Roveretana (Automotive Restore Style Roveretana) body shop reflect the elegant style of vintage cars and the fierce power of their engines. DEA handled every detail, from the composition of the workstations, to the customization of the modules.

DEA Worklab carried out a new project for ARS Roveretana (Automotive Restore Style Roveretana), a historic company specializing in the restoration of vintage cars.

The body shop needed to set up its new headquarters at the technology park in Rovereto (TN) with custom, high-quality furnishings. Since they wanted modular, durable and aesthetically pleasing furnishings that reflected the company’s character, they decided to entrust the project to DEA.

The end results exceeded their expectations.

The on-site inspection of the new headquarters and the preparation of the project

As always, the project began with an in-depth analysis of the client’s needs and the types of vehicles they deal with, followed by an on-site inspection of the body shop’s premises.

For the client, it was the perfect opportunity to create the body shop they had always dreamed of, so they laid out everything they wanted (including the color of the furnishings) and all their staff’s needs, right down to the slightest details.

Once we had come up with a design that met all the requirements and had presented it to the client, we determined the final details together. Once the design was completed, we personally oversaw the construction and installation of the furnishings at the body shop.

The result: a well-equipped and fully customized wall


For a body shop that deals with real automotive gems, the end results had to be both flawless and highly functional. And that’s what they were.

DEA created the workstation by selecting various types of modules from its range of modular furnishings for the Automotive sector, each with its own specific purpose.

For the storage of tools, components and miscellaneous documents:

For transporting tools all around the body shop:

In order to take advantage of the body shop’s height and increase the available floor space:

Finally, to complete the composition:

And last, the choice of color: the client had always wanted red furnishings for their body shop. And not just any red: Pantone RAL 3002. Each module was finished with an aesthetically flawless and corrosion resistant epoxy coating in that precise shade.

With DEA, any project can be easily achieved.

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