DEA Academy: always at work to satisfy the customer and the market

DEA Academy: always at work to satisfy the customer and the market

From training to research and development, DEA Worklab continues to invest in improvement to always satisfy the customer and the market. All this is possible above all thanks to DEA Academy. Learn about it and why it is so crucial.

In a constantly evolving market, the ability to innovate is bound to become increasingly important. Technological progress force companies to meet new challenges, such as satisfying an increasingly demanding target or keeping up with the times.

The goal of companies like DEA is to anticipate trends and respond to change as effectively and quickly as possible. To do this, it is necessary to make use of research and development, now increasingly widespread even in small-medium businesses, and always aim to improve the product range.

Our company has always invested in the Research and Development (R&D) sector, with the aim of preserving the company’s know-how and improving technological knowledge, offering increasingly competitive products. It is the drive that allows us to offer increasingly efficient furniture for service centers and industries.

Our R&D department interfaces in the study of the technological solutions to be applied and in the prevention and resolution of any problems. This allows us to fully optimize all of our available resources.

The Academy Room

The pride of the DEA headquarters is the Academy Room where we train our professionals and partners and meet potential customers to introduce them to the possibilities offered by our services.

It is an environment where cutting-edge technologies and new sales techniques are studied to reconfirm DEA as a reference point in the sector of furnishings and functional design.

The Academy Room is also a stimulating work environment, but also - and above all - comfortable and familiar.

DEA professional training

We organize conferences and refresher courses with highly specialized content in the Academy Room on a regular basis.

In addition to an in-depth knowledge of new technologies, we discuss hot topics concerning the sales processes: approach to prospects, sales process, product features, after-sales assistance, loyalty.

Customer and partner care and satisfaction

We always involve our partners, communicating all the necessary know-how to convince potential customers of the quality and functionality of our high-class furnishings.

What's more: we stimulate service centers, body shops and industries to rethink their marketing strategies, starting with the practicality and design of their working environments.

Our training courses also deal with issues relating to sales strategies at high levels. Designed especially for our partners, the meetings discuss all process steps, from the first approach with the customer to retention and post-sales techniques.

If everything we've told you inspires you, join us.

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