The new DEA headquarters is operational

The new DEA headquarters is operational

For the past couple of weeks, the new DEA and RO & CO SpA headquarter is officially operational. In the days between 27 December and 7 January we completed the phases of moving and starting the premises. The new location is waiting for you!

As anticipated in previous communications, our new headquarters, located in via Masaccio 15 (in the industrial area of the Reggio Emilia), is finally ready to welcome employees and customers.

Almost all of the work areas have been set up: the first floor is already active, both with regard to the productive heart -destined to the storage of the orders coming from our Production headquarter based in Calcinelli, in the Marche region- both for the logistic offices and for meeting rooms.

Remain to be completed in some details, however, the premises specifically designed for the extra-working moments of employees and clients: gym, dining, guest quarters and lounge area, in addition to the rooms reserved for our DEA Academy, will be fully functioning within the short term.

2018: a calendar full of events and initiatives

May 2018 will be a month of fervent preparations: to celebrate the goal achieved and the new, fresh image of our brand, we are organizing a great opening ceremony. In the full bloom of spring, we will experience together all the potential of the new structure and the extended green area that surrounds it.

But the events do not end here: soon, we will also start our training courses, which will deal at high levels the issues related to Sales and Strategy. Specially designed for our partners, the meetings will develop all the steps of the sales process, from the first customer approach to the loyalty and after sales techniques.

A sincere thanks to those who have contributed

Enthusiastic about the recent change and the novelties that still await us, we would like to  address a warm thanks to all those who have dedicated time, energy and resources to the realization of our ambitious project: the value of our headquarter owe much to the participation of all of you.

A state-of-the-art structure, which reconfirms DEA as a point of reference in the field of high-class equipment and functional design, and which has been designed to offer a stimulating but also – and above all – comfortable and familiar working environment.

In the belief of accomplishing our intentions, we wish a serene stay to all our employees and our customers.

Lino Di Betta
AuthorLino Di Betta

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Mike wrote on

Having seen the infastructure and un completed new HQ to how it now looks is a testament to much hard work and commitment from all involved. Hopefully i can get over too see the completed project to view new facility as it looks now Congattulations and best wishes

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