Fluid and power distribution

The solutions by DEA for fluid and power distribution

DEA offers a wide range of solutions for housing the spools most commonly used at repair workshops, such as oil – used oil – water – air – antifreeze – washer fluid – electrical cable (from a minimum of 2 up to a maximum of 12 spools), including short modules with dispenser nozzle outputs from below, or else 2.5 metre modules with dispenser nozzle outputs from above.

Each module features the necessary space for feeding the hoses and cables, thus ensuring perfect integration with the local systems.

DEA's fluid distribution modules boast the following key features:

  • easy spool installation
  • easy inspection and maintenance
  • complete integration with the local systems
  • epoxy powder coating
  • adjustable feet
  • versatility
  • modules for 2 spools up to a maximum of 12 spools

Double module for housing up to 6 spools in the upper part, and 6 in the lower part

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