Workshop trolleys: the support needed for higher productivity

Workshop trolleys: the support needed for higher productivity

Everything should be in its place in a workshop, but sometimes the right place is next to you, during different activities. Often, in fact, you must be able to move what you need while maintaining an impeccable organization. This makes DEA workshop trolleys the perfect workshop furniture for those who need a mobile solution.

Workshop trolleys are a fundamental part of the workstation because they allow to optimize work times on the vehicle. They are mainly divided into work trolleys, equipped with an open structure, and tool trolleys, equipped with different sized drawers.

Let's take a closer look at how workshop trolleys can speed up every operation and improve the quality of your work space.

Move the workshop trolleys as and when you want

Since it is not a permanent station component, operations speed up due to a workshop trolley because the trolley follows the workers who, consequently, are continuously moving around.

A quality trolley must be equipped with reinforced wheels, to further facilitate the passage from one part of the workshop to another. DEA workshop trolleys are equipped with 4 caster wheels, which allow you to move them at will and always have all your tools at hand.


Detail of a DEA workstation complete with under top trolley, drawer for separate waste collection, work trolley.


Resistance and solidity, but with gentleness

Workshops and body shops are places where bumps and scratches on workstations are practically inevitable. For this reason, DEA workshop trolleys are painted with epoxy powder to resist wear and corrosion and are equipped with protections on the edges.

The full-extension drawers are also mounted on reinforced guides. They are spacious and firm, can bear weights from 30 kg each and, on request, they can be completed with practical non-slip mats.

Having a workshop trolley resistant to impact and wear, however, does not mean sacrificing comfort: the handles are ergonomic, the grip is immediately firm, the drawers slide smoothly. The harmonious shape of DEA furnishings also gives a more sophisticated flair to the workspace, making the workshop visually impeccable.

Order in a snap, even for the smallest objects

The drawers and the upper shelf of the DEA workshop trolleys are specially designed to store all the small parts, small tools and measuring instruments needed during the day.

If you want, you can further enrich the drawers with special container sets, kits consisting of small plastic boxes to be inserted in the drawers or simple dividers made of painted sheet metal.


Pictured: Plastic box kit AR-138.06-9

Workshop trolleys that do not clutter rooms

How many times have you entered a workshop and seen all sorts of work trolleys scattered here and there? In addition to making the workshop look messy, they unnecessarily occupy space and decrease the possibility of worker movement.

The special shape of the DEA workshop trolleys allows you to fit them into the workbench when the mechanic has completed vehicle maintenance, all in the blink of an eye.

Guaranteed security

A lock, with key, badge or code unlock, is a must to complete the picture of a quality trolley.

Important tools and documents will be completely safe, further guaranteeing workplace security.

Perfectly organize your workshop, the customization possibilities are endless.
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