Workshop storage cabinets: resistance and safety first

Armadio porta attrezzi per officina: resistenza e sicurezza al primo posto

The quality of a workshop storage cabinet is sometimes taken for granted when choosing workshop furniture. A cabinet must first of all be resistant and safe to let you work in complete tranquility. Let's take a look at all the essential features of a storage cabinet and two examples from the DEA range.

Workshop storage cabinets must complete workbenches to make the workstation more tidy and free of any superfluous element. Most of the cabinets on the market are suitable for tool storage, but only a few are perfectly suited to workshop life.

Here are the features a great workshop storage cabinet should have according to DEA experts.

What a quality storage cabinet should be like

According to DEA designers, true experts in workshop furniture, these are the fundamental characteristics for an excellent storage cabinet:

  • reinforced structure, to support heavy weights; they can be used in heavy duty workshops and last for years;
  • mechanical lock, to keep documents and expensive tools under lock and key.

To further complete the cabinet, we recommend also adding these elements to the furnishings:

  • hinged, sliding or shutter door, to further reduce the overall dimensions;
  • adjustable shelves, to accommodate tools of any height;
  • ergonomic handle, for an even safer grip;
  • internal perforated panels, to hang tools along the cabinet walls and make better use of the space in the cabinet.

Two examples from the DEA cabinet range

DEA workshop cabinets include all the features we described earlier.

They have been designed to house a wide range of objects: large spare parts, power tools, all special equipment and documents. The overall dimensions have been reduced by creating sliding doors, ideal especially in smaller workshops.

Available in different sizes, they are suitable for any workshop or body shop. Let's take a look at two actual examples.

AR-361 - Workshop storage cabinet with motorized shutter

Workshop storage cabinet with motorized shutterHigh capacity cabinet with motorized shutter, 82.5 inches high and 56.5 inches wide.
The cabinet is equipped with a hinged closure on the ground, suitable for housing equipment on wheels.

The module has adjustable feet, an aspect that leads to several advantages:

- perfect module leveling;
- extreme ease in keeping the underlying floor clean;
- the certainty of having documents and tools safe even when liquids are spilled;
- the possibility of aligning them with other workshop furniture elements such as drawers or worktops.

In the upper and rear area, moreover, it is equipped with pre-cuts that can be easily opened during installation, to pass electrical cables or air pipes through the cabinet walls.

All components are epoxy powder coated, to further increase the resistance to shocks and scratches.

View the AR-361 data sheet

AR-298.11 - Special workshop storage cabinet with three compartments

workshop storage cabinet with three compartmentsWorkshop storage cabinet with three high-capacity compartments, 79 inches high and 56.5 inches wide.

The cabinet has three sliding compartments with double paneling (right side and left side) with keyholes to hang special tools. Panels are reinforced with bars to support heavy weights.

Each sliding door is complete with lock with key and handle and all components are epoxy powder coated.




View the AR-298.11 data sheet

Rely on the experts for your workshop furniture: DEA awaits you with cabinets, drawer units, trolleys and everything you need for your business.

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