Workbench strip | DEA presents “TOBLERON”

Profilo a banco | DEA presenta il “TOBLERON”

When planning the layout of a car workshop or motorsport workshop, there are a number of aspects to take into account:

- Technician stations
- Workshop layout
- Safety of technicians
- Final interior aesthetics

DEA designers focus their attention on choosing the modules according to the specific work the technicians will be doing. They make sure the workshop furnishings are planned out in a functional way and they optimize the space so that technicians can work safely and comfortably.
The DEA team also gets serious about good aesthetics and safety-related details:

- What’s the best place for the car lift controls?
- What's the best place for power cables and outlets?
- How can we make the workshop look good while ensuring it is safe for those who operate in it?

DEA presents its “TOBLERON” workbench strip

Good aesthetics and safety: how can they be combined when creating space for cables and power outlets in the workshop?
DEA presents its “TOBLERON” workbench strip. Let’s find out what it is.
“TOBLERON” is a workbench strip developed by DEA to hold power cables and outlets at car or motorsport workshops. The strip responds to the need of technicians to plug in instruments or operate controls directly from the workbench, accelerating their daily tasks.
Cables don’t usually have a specific place so the first step was safely organizing them for a more functional and cleaner work space: DEA designs custom workshop set-ups, examining every detail and leaving nothing to chance.
The name “TOBLERON” was more of a joke in the beginning, used by our technicians because the shape of the strip reminded them of the world-famous chocolate bar. 
Then our customers started calling it “TOBLERON” too, and the name stuck!

Advantages of a workbench strip

A “TOBLERON” strip makes the station a completely safe and esthetically pleasing place to work at. That’s because the cables are all fitted in the module below.
The strip is an all-modular design: DEA technicians can fit out “TOBLERON” with any type of outlet (European, US, UK) as well as with lift controls and other outlets to accommodate needed tools.
Outlets and controls are easier to reach, which improves the daily work efficiency of technicians.
From an aesthetic perspective, the car or motorsport workshop looks more organized and cleaner. 
This is a crucial aspect when planning the layout of a workshop or high-profile department that will be open to the public.

Why choose the “TOBLERON” workbench strip

The “TOBLERON” workbench strip is the perfect solution for housing power outlets, cables and controls all in one place.
Managing a clean, safe and extremely organized work space.
Perfecting the aesthetic-functional aspect of your workshop.

For more information and to learn how to integrate the “TOBLERON” workbench strip in your next car or motorsport workshop fit-out

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