Why is it so important to design garage furniture?

Perché è così importante progettare l’arredamento dell’officina auto?

When attentively designed, furniture exponentially improves garage productivity. Not surprisingly, the largest garages and service centers in the world choose tailor-made solutions such as those made by DEA. Learn why.

An accurate design, tailor-made by industry experts, makes it possible to make the most of available space, whatever the size of the garage.

In addition to optimizing space, well thought out garage furniture is essential for three main reasons. Let's go through them together.

All equipment is close at hand

Worthy garage furniture must necessarily include drawer units and tool trolleys with caster wheels, to allow mechanics to always have all the tools necessary at hand to perform any operation on the vehicles.

The result? You save precious time, but above all you work better and with more peace of mind.

One more tip, make sure you choose garage furniture that guarantees safety, resistance and stability in addition to freedom to move.

Neat tools and components, in their place

garage furniture

Does your team ever search for small items around the garage for hours without success? This kind of inconvenience can be easily avoided, thanks to well-designed modular garage furniture.

Optimizing work, in fact, also means organizing tools and small components in the best possible way, cataloging them meticulously and placing them in separate compartments. Finding them in the blink of an eye will be really simple, thanks to drawer units and trolleys with numerous drawers.

And for really small components, just take advantage of the kit of plastic boxes to enhance furnishings.

Maintain space cleanliness and efficiency

How many times have you read an article where all kinds of experts advise you to keep your desk clear to increase concentration in the office? The same is true for garage workbenches.

This way, removing all distractions and ensuring adequate space to work at their best, garage productivity will skyrocket, consequently providing the best results on your customers' vehicles.

What’s more, a well-set up and tidy garage also makes a great impression on your customers, an aspect that should not be underestimated.

The ideas for furnishing a garage are practically endless, just like the solutions that can be achieved thanks to the modularity of our furnishings. With DEA you can organize each workstation based on the tasks that need to be done daily and optimize activities to perfection.

We provide a complete and turnkey service: from the inspection, to the choice of the most suitable furnishing solutions, to after-sales.

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