The metal workshop cabinets recommended by experts

Gli armadi metallici per officina consigliati dagli esperti

Enriching the workshops with furniture with a refined design, but at the same time resistant, is an absolutely achievable goal: reach your goal with metal workshop cabinets. Learn how to make your workstations unique and efficient with DEA Worklab's wide range of metal workshop cabinets.

Cabinets made of metal are undoubtedly the best choice when it comes to furnishing workshops, body shops and service centres. In fact, they are both wear and shock resistant. It is important, however, to choose quality cabinets, even better if Made in Italy.

Let's take a look together:

DEA workshop cabinets

The DEA range of metal workshop and special cabinets are the ideal solution for elegantly furnishing and storing all types of tools used during the day.

The cabinets in our catalogue:

  • they can be 35, 43 or 78 inches high depending on tool storage capacity requirements;
  • they come with a scratch-resistant DCT coating, also resistant to corrosive chemical solutions;
  • they are built with retractable doors to combine the convenience of classic doors with the minimum bulk of sliding doors. They can have single, double or shutter doors;
  • they adapt to all storage needs thanks to a wide range of accessories, including drawers, additional shelves, perforated walls, special handles, wash basins.

metal workshop cabinets examples

Every detail of our metal cabinets is the result of a choice studied by our designers: each feature has been designed to facilitate work in the different types of existing workshops. For example, the powered shutter with ground stop closure is specifically designed to contain equipment on wheels: perfect for furnishing car and motorcycle workshops, but also useful in laboratories and industrial environments.

Moreover, the ergonomic steel handles have a shape that allows a firm grip even with hands dirty with grease or engine oil.

metal workshop cabinets shutter

Rely on experts to create custom cabinets from every point of view, complete with every comfort.

Create a tailor-made set-up with DEA

Why choose metal furnishings

Choosing cabinets with metal frames and steel finishes means being able to count on furnishings in perfect condition for many years, as well as having the certainty of having invested in elements that guarantee a return in terms of quality of work.

Furthermore, DEA furnishings are distinguished by some characteristics that make them unique, including:

  • durability, thanks to resistance to impact, wear, oxidation and corrosion;
  • safety - for your tools and documents thanks to the lock on each module, for your employees thanks to the non-tip systems;
  • refined design, the result of meticulous studies and typical Italian elegance.


With DEA Worklab you can elevate a simple tool cabinet to a real ally for your business.

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