The collaboration between DEA and Jaguar Land Rover continues with the largest service center in Slovakia

Continua la collaborazione tra DEA e Jaguar Land Rover con il service più grande della Slovacchia

A new center of excellence joins the Jaguar Land Rover group: DEA had the pleasure of furnishing the JP AUTO NITRA service center, a real flagship that offers cutting-edge services and maximum efficiency.

The JP AUTO dealership and service center in Nitra, Slovakia, the largest Jaguar Land Rover dealership in the country, has been entirely refurbished in appearance and equipment used.

Approved by the JLR group as a supplier and included in their Corporate Identity, DEA contributed to the creation of the new service center by creating a custom installation that perfectly represents the values conveyed by the brand.

A modern and tidy, textbook center installation


The JP AUTO NITRA dealership and service center was erected right next to the JLR production site, also set up by the DEA designers.

Watching the video, we can see how Boris Valábik, JP AUTO “ambassador” visiting the service, had this reaction as soon as he entered the center:

- It's too clean to be a service center!

This is the response from Clive Hayward, service director:

- They are JLR's new standards, they expect their service center to be clean, tidy and high-end.

Not by chance, the customer contacted us precisely to meet the highest standards required by the brand and meet expectations. It was looking for a modern installation, which would bring order, productivity and a breath of style and elegance to the service center.

DEA has created a state-of-the-art turnkey installation, aesthetically flawless, avant-garde and complete with every functionality.

The DEA solution in line with the JLR brand


DEA modular furnishings completed the range of equipment present in the service center.

The workbenches were equipped, first of all, with a good number of drawer units, trolleys and cabinets to ensure precise storage of any type of tool used by the technicians. There are also modules with sink and ecological containers to keep the shared spaces clean and impeccable, as the brand requires.

perforated wall paneling to store tools and with a special setting to hold a PC monitor and paper roll dispensers.

To make the workstations even more functional, we have also dedicated particular attention to units for the complete distribution of oils, electricity and compressed air. We focused on the AR-273.05 fluid distribution unit with 4 reels, which after a careful study of the plan was positioned at the center of the workstations, to optimize space and facilitate operations as much as possible.


Let's now move on to the style of the furnishings. It was important for the customer to have a refined aesthetic result and at the same time to respect the JLR Corporate Identity, so it asked DEA for information and advice regarding color.

Thanks to our contact with the Jaguar Land Rover Coventry office, we have confirmed RAL 7021 without delay, an elegant shade of gray tending to black.

The final result met the expectations of the customer and the parent company in every respect, who can now boast a technologically advanced service center, as well as an example of excellence for all other Jaguar Land Rover centers in Slovakia.

Create a highly functional and elegant service center yourself!

Our professionals are available to give you a closer look at the furnishings selected for this installation and many other solutions.

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