Laboratory workbench: specifically designed DEA solutions

Laboratory workbench: specifically designed DEA solutions

A laboratory workbench must meet specific needs and meet certain requirements, partially different from those of a normal industrial bench. Let's find out which with a rundown on specific DEA solutions.

A laboratory workbench, especially that of an electronic laboratory, differs from an industrial workstation in some respects: for example, it must comply with specific sector regulations and must have special functions, such as PC workstations, monitor holders or accessory holder.

Let's take a closer look at how a laboratory workbench should be made, and then discover the DEA proposal for this type of work environment.

Laboratory workbench: here's what it should look like

The laboratory workbench (electronic, chemical, etc.) must first of all comply with sector regulations, such as UNI and DIN which establish dimensions, minimum requirements for safety (ergonomics, resistance, stability) and test methods (resistance to weights, shocks, mechanical stresses, etc.)

In addition to the requirements established by law, there are also needs for practicality and efficiency. In this sense, the laboratory workbench must be:

  • built according to concepts of modularity, rationality and ergonomics
  • versatile, in order to easily integrate all the necessary equipment
  • modular according to needs
  • equipped with accessories, such as electrical devices, accessory holders, material holders, PC station, monitor holders, etc.
  • equipped with raceways for cables, so as to distribute power lines in a protected and hidden position, integrated inside the bench.

Specific modules for an electronic laboratory workbench

The DEA range of modular furnishings includes many and various units ideal for setting up a workbench. All module components are painted with epoxy powder, and most of the modules are equipped, on the top and back, with pre-cuts that can be easily opened during installation, to allow cables and pipes to pass through.

In addition to the actual benches, it is possible to equip the workbench with:

  • industrial drawer units made of fully welded sheet metal. They are designed with special attention to drawer capacity (with total extraction, with HD guides they tolerate from 70 to 400 kg) and to operator safety (anti-tipping system with the opening of only one drawer at a time).

AR-178.10: drawer unit with 12 full extension drawers, mounted on HD runners with a capacity of 100 kg each; lock system; adjustable feet.


  • trolley unit with PC station
  • wall modules with TV or monitor support settings

AR-110.03: module with powered shutter, adjustable shelf and rear brush for monitor installation (4 universal holes)


  • modules for fluid and energy distribution
  • waste collection modules

AR-267.11: ecological module with drawer mounted on HD guides, double removable container and two drawers with removable container



Do you want to learn more about our workbenches? Or do you want to create a custom design for your laboratory? Contact our sales department: we’ll seek the best solutions together.


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