Industrial workstation: how to meet a specific need

Industrial workstation: how to meet a specific need

Do you need an industrial workstation that is resistant, durable, safe and tailored to specific needs? DEA designs workstations specifically for this purpose: our set-ups are modular and are individually designed according to the customer's specific needs.

When it comes to setting up workstations, industry needs are linear in their complexity: resistance, capacity, large capacities, safety and extreme practicality are required. An industrial workstation must contribute to a more streamlined development of the production phases, without any hitches and slowdowns. And above all, work must be carried out in complete safety for the operators.

DEA workstations are designed with these requirements in mind. Let's take a look at the complete range in which each line is capable of satisfying different needs and contributing to the overall improvement of production efficiency.

DEA industrial workstation modules

DEA workstations are modular: they are individually configured according to the specific needs of the workstation. According to need, they can include:

  • drawer units
  • benches and work tops
  • small and large cabinets
  • modules for energy distribution
  • waste collection modules


Drawer units

The DEA range of industrial workstations offers one of the widest choices of metal drawer units: many models, varying in size (height, width), number of drawers, finishes and accessories. A drawer unit is ideal for organizing tools, measuring instruments, small parts, accessories but also documents or archives.

All industrial drawer units comply with the standard requirements required by the particular work environment:

  • Fully extractable drawers, mounted on HD guides capable of supporting large loads (from 30 up to 200 kg)
  • anti-tipping system, which exploits the possibility of opening only one drawer at a time, avoiding cabinet unbalancing
  • solid sheet metal frame, entirely welded
  • ABS and epoxy powder coated surfaces.


The benches, with shelves resistant to wear, acids, oils and mechanical stress of all kinds, are essential for carrying out specific processes in peace and efficiency. They are the ideal support surface, even for large parts in production, given the high capacity of the upper shelf.

They can always be completed with sheet metal, stainless steel or wood tops, and coated with scratch-proof ABS or DTC.


Cabinets are designed to store tools, spare parts, documents and certifications. But also large measuring instruments, cleaning and sanitizing equipment.

In the larger version, the cabinet can become both a container for the most voluminous instruments, and a place for storing technical clothing and PPE.

Waste modules

Even an industrial workstation cannot exist without a waste collection and recycling module. Order and cleanliness are essential qualities:

  • they improve production efficiency
  • they improve the quality of the result
  • they help create a healthy and pleasant work environment.

Energy distribution modules

Finally, the energy distribution modules allow you to quickly and easily use electrical sockets and always keep the workstation well organized, without cables or wires out of place.

How we design your industrial workstation

DEA’s strength, in addition to the product, also lies in service.

We sell products individually - a trolley or a drawer unit - but we also provide a complete design service. We provide the opportunity to create a tailor-made workstation, where each part is designed to communicate with the others, where everything is functional to the work to be done.

We also provide after-sales assistance and maintenance for all our customers. We know that an industrial workstation is constantly subjected to multiple stresses, especially mechanical ones; this is why the DEA After Sales Manager comes on-site and checks that the fittings, in all their details, work perfectly and are 100% safe. We take care of everything, and we never leave you alone.

Do you want to learn more about the complete range of DEA modules, to compose your customized industrial workstation?

Contact our sales department now and request your free consultation.


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