How makes a high-quality garage workbench stand out?

How makes a high-quality garage workbench stand out?

A garage workbench can be made up of various elements, each with its own function, all combined to create a composition that perfectly meets any work requirements. But what are the characteristics of a garage workbench that’s truly built to perfection, and is therefore suitable for your garage? Let’s discover them together.

Whatever the work requirements, a garage workbench is the best way to guarantee efficiency in terms of daily operations, as well as for the management of tools, components, power lines, and documents of all kinds.

However, a workbench must also be high quality in order to endure over time and withstand the frenetic work pace of a busy garage.

What makes the perfect cabinet stand out? The DEA designers tell your which elements to focus on, in order to get the most out of your purchase.

Essential features for garage workbenches

Large dimensions

The greatest advantage of having a large workbench is that it provides an ample work surface upon which to carry out the garage’s activities. While simply having enough space to conveniently carry out multiple operations and to place the tools you’re using may seem trivial, it’s a feature that makes all the difference.

These large dimensions also include above average heights.

Wherever appropriate, it’s recommended to choose 43-5/16 in. high workbenches in order to prevent the workers from bending over too much.

Spaciousness and load-bearing capacity of the drawers and individual shelves

The workbenches can be customized with drawer units and other modules designed for storing all sorts of tools and components. Naturally, the more space you have, the better you can keep your garage in order.

In addition to modules with drawer units and shelves, we also recommend choosing hose-holder modules with steel bases, to render your workbenches even more complete.

garage workbenches hose holders

Numerous sliding elements to speed up your activities

It's extremely important to have numerous drawers at your disposal. However, it’s just as important that they slide as smoothly and as fluidly as possible.

Thanks to the special rails, like those bearing the DEAmotion brand name, you’ll never have to wrench the drawers open or accompany them when closing.

Anti-tip systems

In addition to being orderly and productive, a garage must guarantee worker safety above all else.

We therefore recommend choosing work benches equipped with anti-tipping safety devices, which prevent the cabinets from becoming unbalanced due to excessive weight, causing them to tip forward.

Internal reinforcements

Another fundamental requirement for a garage workbench is that it must be made using materials that are highly resistant to impacts, bending, and scratches.

Better yet if the individual components (e.g. the drawer rails and casters) are also reinforced!

Examples of high quality workbenches from the DEA range

AR-268.11 – 28-3/8 in. wide single garage workbench with drawer

single garage workbenches

A 28-3/8 in. wide single garage workbench with a drawer mounted on DEAmotion guides (soft closing) and a shortened shelf with a protective ABS cover.

The cabinet is particularly well-suited for housing a computer. The lower shelf can be used to hold a printer, while the drawer can contain a notebook, a mouse, or the worker’s personal effects.

The shortened shelf even allows the worker to remain comfortably seated while working at the computer.

Check out this workbench in greater detail

AR-146.02 – 56-11/16 in. wide double garage workbench

double garage workbenches
The AR-146.02 double garage workbench is part of the 43-5/16 in. high cabinet series, and features a shelf with a protective ABS cover.

The cabinet has adjustable feet to ensure the proper leveling of the module. Ideal for auto garages (mechanical, diagnostics, tire/wheel alignment, pre-delivery, receiving, engines and transmission areas), motorcycle garages and body shops.

Check out this workbench in greater detail

AR-145.02 – 85-1/16 in. wide triple garage workbench

triple garage workbenches

Triple garage workbench featuring shelf with protective ABS cover and adjustable feet. This spacious module even offers the possibility of feeding electrical cables and air hoses for connecting to the local power systems. All the components are epoxy powder coated.

Check out this workbench in greater detail

Choose the excellent quality of DEA garage workbenches. Check out our catalog to find all the perfect elements for your garage.

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