First of all, race cabinets make your service center exclusive

L’allestimento di un garage per auto è innanzitutto esclusivo

In the automotive sector, the motorsport world specifically revolves around exclusivity and quality: this is why DEA race cabinets are the preferred choice of sector service centers.

DEA is recognized worldwide as a supplier of high value service center furnishings. Not everyone knows that it has also specialized in furniture and furnishings solutions for motorsports over the years.

Let's take a closer look at which aspects of our furnishings we have focused on to meet the needs of this high speed world.

Motorsport race cabinet requirements

The 3 main requirements to be met for furnishings suitable for a motorsport garage are: exclusivity, customization and the highest quality.


The vehicles that enter the workshop are real treasures for their owners. In addition, in many cases our customers have to repair vehicles manufactured by prestigious brands. Service centers must reflect the same prestige, there is no room for cheap set-ups or slapdash furnishings.

Service center furnishings must be on par with the cars that enter it every day: to repair high-performance vehicles, you need to be able to count on race cabinets that allow you to achieve equally excellent performance.

The only possible solution is race cabinets that reflect the exclusivity of the manufacturer's brand.


Race cabinets must convey the style and personality of the car manufacturer.

They are vehicles with a refined design and luxury finishes: symbols of the manufacturers to which they belong and an emblem of their prestige.

You can choose the finishes that best represent the personality of the brand and create an environment with all DEA race cabinets.

High quality

The pace of work is more pressing, the stresses are greater and the conditions are more critical in a motorsport garage.

Not only does this sector require exclusivity and customization, but also high quality levels: garages need furniture made with resistant materials, capable of withstanding any mechanical or non-mechanical stress.

DEA Worklab race cabinets meet all 3 characteristics listed above: they reflect the uniqueness of the brand, offer a variety of customization possibilities and meet the highest quality standards in the industry.

Mechanics will improve the quality of their work and will have a more welcoming and orderly work environment, with a unique and recognizable design.

DEA can also satisfy all the needs of refinement: race cabinets with a unique design, always different, distinctive fittings and extreme care for finishings.

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Some examples of DEA race cabinets

Raceline Feustel, Switzerland

DEA has created a very special installation in Switzerland for Raceline Feustel, the company specialized in racing and antique car restoration, in particular Porsche.


DEA assisted the customer and together created a truly unique environment, made even more special by Feustel brand black and ruby red DEA race cabinets.

The motorsport garage workbenches were completed with the most classic furnishings of our catalog, which are well suited to the available spaces.

Racing Team, Holland

The investor, in this case, required prestigious products, modern solutions and very short lead times. All this, made even more complex by the particular shape of the service center.


DEA surprised the customer thanks to 110 cm (43,30 inches) high modular race cabinets, perfectly integrated solutions in the available space and an absolutely innovative design.

The possibilities offered by race cabinets are practically endless. Learn more with us.

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