DEA workshop equipment: efficient, resistant and elegant

Attrezzatura officina meccanica: carrelli, contenitori e oltre

A workshop is made up of tools, but also of functional furnishings that help mechanics work better. DEA workshop equipment: efficient, resistant and elegant.

Dexterity and skills are certainly essential when working with cars, motorcycles or vehicles of any kind, but excellent equipment can also boost the success of a job.

In addition to the specific equipment for mechanics, we always recommend including a set of furniture that is able to increase the quality of the work of all operators, thanks to the available functions and the optimised space in the workshop.

In this in-depth article you will discover:

The DEA furniture range: more than just equipment

workshop equipment furniture

Even before the tools of the trade, the first element to take into account when renovating a workshop is the furniture. It is, in fact, a decisive component that guarantees comfort for all technicians and allows them to work better with each vehicle, without space problems.

That said, it is essential to select certain workshop equipment furnishings if you want to achieve a perfectly optimised workspace. In our opinion, a workshop must have:

  • trolleys that follow your every move, to take to every corner of the workspace;
  • drawer units, the best allies to keep all work tools at hand, to accommodate small parts and equipment;
  • spacious and customisable cabinets, with all the shelves, handles and hooks you need;
  • ecological containers for orderly recyclable waste collection.

Various modules can be added later, depending on individual workshop needs, to complete furnishings.

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The added-value of our equipment

What sets DEA workshop equipment apart from the rest of the products on the market?

Undoubtedly, our customers most appreciate the modularity, which allows you to achieve any desired result simply by combining their favourite modules from our catalogue.

No less important is component resistance, thanks to the high quality of the materials used and the epoxy paint finishes that prolong their durability. We also remind you that all the furnishings are manufactured directly by us to ensure scrupulous control during each production phase.

DEA furnishing customisation completes the picture: each component can be enriched with details and colours as desired, to transform “simple” furnishings into complete equipment for your workshop.

The ideal configurations for workshops

Building the perfect workbench or highly efficient workstation from scratch can be difficult when faced with the wide variety of components available. DEA can create a customised solution, that best fits your needs and workshop spaces, or can offer you standard configurations to use as a customisable base.

In the light of all the years of experience and skills acquired, DEA designers have in fact created ​configurations already prepared with the fundamental elements​ for mechanical workshops, body shops and service centres.

Here are some examples to take inspiration from for your business.

AR-903A workstation, complete with all workshop equipment.

workshop equipment compo 1

The configuration includes:

  • 1 single cabinet module with a left-hinged door
  • 1 trolley unit with 6 drawers and pivoting wheels
  • 1 module with shelf and drawer
  • 1 practical double unit with a shutter and perforated rear panel

AR-903.5B.002 workstation, designed for smaller workshops.

workshop equipment compo 2

The configuration includes:

  • 2 single cabinet modules with retracting doors
  • 1 central under-top trolley with 5 drawers
  • Worktop covering the entire length
  • Total length 2.52 mt


Create workshop equipment that helps you improve your business services!

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