DEA will be exhibiting at SEMA Show 2022!

DEA will be exhibiting at SEMA Show 2022!

DEA and WORKY have announced they will be at the SEMA Show presenting their auto workshop furnishing and gas extraction solutions.

The event will be taking place at the LAS VEGAS CONVENTION CENTER from November 1-4. We’ll be at booth no.38063 in the Upper South Hall.

Besides being a uniquely spectacular event, the SEMA Show is also one of the most important “weeks of business” devoted to prominent companies in the automotive world.

So DEA and WORKY were not about to miss this chance to show off their innovative auto workshop solutions!

The SEMA Show also offers the perfect platform to announce the upcoming opening of DEA’s new commercial Hub in North Carolina.

In the words of our CEO and President Lino di Betta:

I would like to announce the opening of a new office in the United States within the year; penetrating the U.S. market is one of our goals over the next five-year period.
This is an exciting endeavor for us and we’re giving it our all from a structural and financial standpoint; the company we’re establishing near Charlotte, North Carolina will enable us to open up to this market.

For DEA, the SEMA Show is a wonderful opportunity to show off the quality of its high-design Made in Italy furniture solutions for auto service and repair shops. Our modular furnishings are manufactured entirely in-house at the new Factory in Italy (as covered in this article).

This means that those who choose DEA can count on:

•        high reliability
•        ample product availability
•        flexible production
•        fast service
•        comprehensive product ranges

U.S.A here we come!

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