Customized workbenches for repair shops in the USA: DEA is at your service

Customized workbenches for repair shops in the USA: DEA is at your service

A workbench shaped to your needs, functional and aesthetically beautiful, designed to raise the quality of the work environment and increase productivity. Bring Made in Italy quality and elegance to your repair shop.

Available in versions with one module, two modules or three modules in 36 and 43-inch heights, the DEA repair shop benches are perfectly integrated in any type of composition: for repair and body shops in general, but also for specific environments such as the diagnostic or acceptance zone.

What is DEA's secret to perfectly adapt each installation to the needs of different types of customers, even to American service centers?

The key is modularity

The added value of our garage furnishings is the possibility to mix and match them according to the actual spaces available, the work you do daily and the type of vehicles you repair, integrating only the modules that you really need and customizing them in the composition.

This way you can create, for example, long furnished walls by installing several pieces of furniture of the same type, or of different types, in series. Or, to create more compact workstations by customizing the composition to the maximum (an ideal solution, for example, to furnish walls interrupted by different entrances, where creating a single long workbench is not possible).

Create your own custom workbench with DEA in the USA

You can compose the perfect workstation by customizing the workbenches that will populate your repair shop. Here are our customers’ most popular solutions in the USA (and around the world) to enrich workbenches.

Drawer units and trolleys


Ideal for storing documents and small equipment, even organized in special compartments integrated in the drawers, they are a real must to complete workbenches. Trolleys, in particular, are increasingly popular, because they are equipped with caster wheels to be moved from their compartment and taken where needed.

Door or shutter modules


Available in different sizes, the door or shutter modules are perfect for storing larger equipment in your workbench, in total safety. Modules with parts washing tank or stainless steel sinks are also available. All the modules have pre-cuts on the back from which you can pass cables or pipes if needed.

Waste containers


You can quickly and efficiently organize any waste with these containers in total safety. The benefits in terms of practicality are considerable, which is why we always recommend integrating waste containers into a workbench.

Waste containers are available in different sizes, compatible with the types of benches chosen.

Wall furnishings and paneling


Various types of wall furnishings are often included in the composition of a workbench, as they represent a great way to gain floor space and work with more ease. DEA Worklab offers different wall furnishings, with shutters, doors or panels, of different sizes to satisfy every space requirement.

Fluid and power distribution


Specific modules can also be integrated in the workbench with specific connections and reels for electricity, air, water or technical fluid distribution, depending on need. These modules also come in different sizes and heights according to the space requirements and the type of composition chosen.

Get help from DEA representatives in the USA

DEA Worklab designs and manufactures repair shop furnishings with the best workbenches for companies from all over the world.

Our professionals are also located throughout the United States and are familiar with the needs of this specific sector. All you have to do is contact us to request targeted advice and tell us about your ideas.

Choose DEA for your repair shop

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