Assembly and after-sales service: two DEA flagships

Assembly and after-sales service: two DEA flagships

Commitment and accuracy are aspects that are very important to anyone who works at DEA. Accuracy and quality represent our greatest strengths, in the production of modular furniture as in the rest of our activities. Today we will tell you about assembly and after-sales services.

The study and the optimization of the assembly are very important components for any company. An optimized and well executed assembly phase can allow for considerable time savings and visible results even after several years.

Likewise, the after-sales service must be a very important part to ensure the customer's peace of mind at all times.

Here's how we work during these two specific phases.

Accurate and quality assembly

The same care that we reserve for the construction of our modular workshop and industrial furnishings is also reserved for the final step of a mechanical workshop design: assembly.

Once all the components have been tested, DEA offers a high quality installation and assembly service for work benches and complementary furnishings. The assembly is carried out by expert technicians who install the furniture on site and, if necessary, train your employees.

This way we guarantee not only a smooth commissioning, but also a correct use of our products over time and a longer service life.

The high quality of our service is recognized both by small workshops and by big brands, so much so that one of our important customers wrote us this email at the end of his installation:

Special mention to the assembly team: Marco and Maurizio were incredibly efficient. Correct, very fast and very precise both in the assembly of the supplied components and in the management of relations with the technical staff and, last but not least, for the management of waste and cleanliness of the work area.

Not every day you can receive such a high level of assistance. They literally left everyone speechless.


Precision even after installation: after-sales

The real work begins after the sale, and this is where our service department comes into play.

The after-sales department boasts specialized technicians who travel wherever the DEA product is sold, to assist and certify the installation of the furniture purchased.

Equipped with a high degree of professionalism and specialization, DEA professionals are always available to solve any problem, even simply to review the layout of the workshop following changes in the equipment or the building structure.

Are you thinking of redesigning your workshop or industrial floor? Get the highest quality service by contacting DEA.

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