A look into what's next

A look into what's next

Dear friends,
How are you? I hope you are healthy. It is the main thing.
What an incredible year we have just experienced.
And what next?

We have learned to live socially distanced; we have learned to use all available technology, we have enjoyed empty cities and clear blue skies as we hadn’t seen in years.
It was all very democratic; nobody was spared. Some sooner, some later, but eventually we all had to face this unexpected and extraordinary change.
We understood that despite everything we must continue to work and manage our companies differently or better than before, developing new skills.

It isn’t the same work as before. It probably won’t be later on either. This means we have to analyse, reconsider and reorganise our activities.
We now know whether our suppliers or our clients are reliable. If and to what extent we can build a sustainable strategy based on them. Because now that everything is more difficult and different, it is important to be well aware that we cannot allow failures of any nature.
We will soon learn who is destined to disappear. This sudden and unexpected change of the world situation is accelerating what was in some ways already known.

The pandemic is an accelerator. 2021 will be the year in which there will be no excuses. It is year zero of the post-Covid economy.
We will see how sustainable our business model is, and we will understand what it is worth.
We cannot delay any longer; we need to address reality and make decisions.
Some will be hard, but also brave. Our future depends on it.
As to us, we have taken the opportunity to reposition and refine our offer. To make them more competitive. Future-proof.
It has been challenging and laborious work, and its results will be seen in the coming years.

The “after” has already begun. It requires new ideas, and the courage to implement them. It will take time and money. With no immediate return. It is only later that we will see the product of what we have sown and grown.
Now it is time to act, to invest. Because after any disruption or destructive event, reconstruction follows. We need to be resilient and prepare our field for the future.
We are crossing stormy seas, and we need to have faith that when we reach the coast, the markets will be waiting for us, confident that they will reward us!
Together we will build sustainable partner-ships: now is the time to make decisions that look to the future. We can’t do “as we used to do” and simply wait for the storm to subside. The forces that shaped it will pass, but the economic damage will be revealed in a dimension that we can’t yet see: it is up to us to try to get out of it. We must build a new future, different from before. It is time for a new Renaissance.

A great period of growth will come if we have the courage to renew ourselves and renew our offer. Suppliers, clients, everything. It is only those who have made future-looking choices who will benefit from the Renaissance of modern times.
Now is the time for resilient, tireless workers. Minds that can see beyond the horizon.
Workers who are preparing to write the next chapter in the history books.

Come with us on this journey, join us, confident that a new Renaissance awaits us. There will still be plenty to do.
Stay healthy!
Yours gratefully,

Lino Di Betta

Lino Di Betta
AuthorLino Di Betta

Ispiratore DEA Italian Worklab

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