Workshop workbench: how does it affect work efficiency?

Workshop workbench: how does it affect work efficiency?

A workshop workbench, custom designed for the work space and real needs is one of the best boosts for overall productivity: find out the distinctive features of an excellent workbench with DEA.

A functional workbench is an essential element in the workshop, it better organises space and speeds up work. With a custom designed furniture layout and furnishings made with quality materials, workshop productivity is significantly boosted.

First of all, the workshop workbench must be placed:

  • in the brightest areas, to guarantee the best visibility without having to resort to articulated lighting systems;
  • away from hindrances, to permit agile movements and full door and drawer opening.

And for the other needs?

Functional workbench requirements

In addition to furniture layout, there are some workshop workbench features that make it extremely practical.

To promote workshop efficiency and work quality, you need:

  1. Spacious and robust work shelves, deep enough so that the technician can easily reach the furthest corner while agile enough to hold everything you need on the bench;
  2. Ample compartments to store all your tools and instruments, even the heaviest or largest ones, from screwdrivers to wrenches up to spare parts or power tools;
  3. Materials that resist scratches, fuels, mineral oils and acids; that require little maintenance and are sound absorbent to contribute to well-being in the workshop;
  4. Adjustable feet.

Workshop workbench; quality is DEA

Our workbenches for workshops, body shops and industries are the balanced and efficient synthesis of all the previously describe features because they are designed to simplify work in the workshop but with special focus on their aesthetic impact.

You can choose your workbench from single, double or triple modules, in the 2 available heights (92 cm or 110 cm), taken individually or combined to achieve the surface you desire. The mid-height shelf is lined with ABS, sturdy but lightweight and, above all, resistant to aggressive agents, scratches and incisions.

What's more, it absorbs sound waves and thus attenuates the sound of tools being placed on the bench. All components are then painted with rust-proof and corrosion-proof epoxy powder.

The top and back faces of each module include pre-cuts: specific slots to promote pipe and wire passage, just open then during installation. Additionally, the feet are adjustable to correctly level each module.

For special needs, we have also created a workshop workbench with drawer and DEAmotion guides: perfect to install a computer, keyboard, mouse or notebook and sit comfortably to work.

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