Workshop work bench: when finishing makes the difference

Workshop work bench: when finishing makes the difference

For high-end workshops that never miss an occasion to communicate the high quality of their products, finishing the work bench is a must.


The first detail that we consider to be of the utmost importance is the colour of the workshop work bench: while our base colour is grey anthracite (with a glossy or opaque finish), selected for its refined elegance and adaptability to any style and work place, our designers are always open to a wide range of requests.

Over the course of time, we have created red, grey, white, green installations: whatever the primary colour of your brand image, you can request that it also be reproduced on your work bench.


A DEA workshop workbench is also recognizable because of its handles: elegant and easy to use structures in painted and chrome-plated extruded aluminium. Not only aesthetics, but also practicality: with their unique shape, they facilitate gripping even when hands are dirty with oil or when wearing gloves.

Corner protections

The corners of trolleys used for DEA workshop work benches are fitted with protections: these not only add a special design touch to the installation, but also make the work place safer for workers as they are constantly moving among the units and opening and closing drawers.

Drawer liners

The drawer units are resistant and capable of supporting heavy loads distributed in a variable number of drawers; the drawers can also be fitted with liners to prevent equipment from sliding and hitting the sides.

Profiles in stainless steel

Finally, a DEA workshop work bench is characterised by elegant stainless steel profiles that add to its overall quality and resistance. Stainless steel is perfect for environments with challenging conditions, like a workshop that is constantly subjected to fumes exhaust, dust and other particulates.

DEA: your workshop work bench, 100% Made in Italy.

All DEA work benches are 100% Made in Italy: each component is produced and assembled in our facilities, after being carefully designed by our team. Every workshop work bench is custom designed, to satisfy the demands of the customer: upon request, the installation can be created with a series of optionals, including DEAMotion guides, adjustable support feet, wheels or key-lock drawers.

Would you like to explore the innovative features of a workshop work bench by DEA Worklab in person? Take a look at the catalogue or contact us at 0522 1533038

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