Workshop installations: the advantages of custom planning

Workshop installations: the advantages of custom planning

Today workshops are becoming larger and more technologically advanced. Creating a custom workshop installation based on planning and feasibility studies is fundamental and brings numerous advantages.

Relying on a specialized company for planning and realization of a workshop is a smart decision today that will allow for continuous renewal of technologies and work spaces in the future.

A custom workshop installation ensures:

  • Intelligent division of the space
  • Optimization of processes and work times
  • Keeping everything tidy
  • Improving levels of cleanliness
  • Improving worker safety

Intelligent division of the space

An assistance centre, whether a workshop or a body shop, is made up of different work areas: the assembly and dismantling area, the diagnostics area, and the mechanical area. A custom installation makes it possible to structure the different spaces using only the necessary furniture units – a unit for fluid and power distribution instead of a shelf unit, for example. This prevents wasting valuable surface area with useless units.

Optimization of processes and work times

Therefore, a custom workshop installation also optimizes work times – because technicians are free to move around and intervene rapidly and efficiently – and improves overall productivity in processes. For example, technicians are not forced to continuous move from one place to another in the workshop to find a tool or spare part.

Every tool in its place

Every tool in its place: the larger equipment is placed in the cabinets with double doors, the medium and small tools are placed in an orderly way in fixed drawer units or trolleys – always handy; the spacious worktop is free of obstructions, documents and laptops are stowed in drawers with security locks. This is why a carefully planned workshop installation helps to maintain order in the work place.

A cleaner work place

Based on the needs of an assistance centre, a custom workshop installation is also very useful for facilitating daily cleaning activities: for areas where the most waste is produced, the workshop can install more ecological containers.

Improved worker safety

Personalised design of a workshop installation also improves the safety level: some details, for example, drawer locks, prevent unauthorized technicians from accessing tools, materials or documents they are not allowed to use; specific units for distributing fluids and power ensure that hoses and wires are insulated from the work area and not directly exposed.

Brand identity: the commercial side of a workshop installation

Finally, a custom workshop installation positively influences a company's brand identity: colours, arrangements, finishes, logos and other details make the workshop a unique place, capable of transmitting brand values, even in the blink of an eye.

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