Workshop furniture: the practicality of modular systems

Workshop furniture: the practicality of modular systems

Flexibility, expandability and uniqueness are the 3 advantages offered by modular type workshop furniture, custom designed for the specific demands of each assistance centre.

Why choose modular elements for your workshop furniture?

  • Because they allow you to create a work area with only what you need, preventing any useless items and saving valuable space.
  • And they also guarantee a unique, personalised product, helping you to stand out among your competitors.

Here are all the advantages of modular workshop furniture:


Modular workshop furniture is easy to adapt to different work areas, because you can design the installation using only the necessary units for each area. For example, the mechanical area requires different units in respect to an area used for vehicle diagnostics, or in respect to areas dedicated to assembly and dismantling of vehicles, which require large surfaces and rooms to move around freely.

The practicality of modular workshop furniture is also evident in the variety of available sizes of each unit: DEA products are created with specific attention to diversification of the models, for example the single or double work tops, drawer units with a variable number of drawers and maximum load capacities, or cabinets with various capacities based on the equipment to be stored inside of them.


The market continues to become more dynamic: the demands of today can change rapidly and require rapid change in structures. Modular workshop furniture makes it easier to prepare for change: units can be easily added or removed as needed, without having to revamp the entire installation, which is often the case with standard furniture.

For example, if today your workshop requires a high number of units for distribution of fluids and power, but perhaps tomorrow no longer needs them, you can simply replace those units with others that are more useful, like drawer units or trolleys.


Personally assembling your workshop furniture by selecting the most useful units offers you another special feature, obtaining a personalised product – your own installation: none of your competitors will have the same workshop installation, and your assistance centre will be one of a kind. A powerful differentiation tool.

The advantages are therefore not only at a practical and productive level, but also with regard to your competitive edge: your workshop furniture enhances the workshop's value, transforming it into a tool for expressing the prestige of your company and communicating your value to customers.

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