Workshop drawers: 4 features you can't do without

Workshop drawers: 4 features you can't do without

Large or small? With many drawers or a few compartments? If you want to purchase workshop drawers for your tools, read our tips before requesting an estimate, discover the 4 features workshop drawers must have to be practical and functional and browse the DEA catalogue to find the right workshop drawers for you.

Resistant drawers

If you want your workshop drawers to last and not break after just a few months, make sure the drawers are resistant and designed to hold even the heaviest tools. Moreover, make sure that the weight indicated in the workshop drawers’ technical datasheet is for fully open drawers. This is the only way you can truly assess the weight each drawer can hold and choose drawers that best support your tools.

Ergonomic handles

Workshop drawers are made to be continuously opened and closed. Consequently, ergonomic handles, that make opening and closing easy, are a feature you cannot do without. From this standpoint, nothing is better than DEA workshop drawers’ handles that are made of extruded aluminium and designed to guarantee an excellent grip.

Soft closure

In addition to ergonomic handles, soft closure is also a truly essential detail! With soft closure, in fact, when you're in a hurry and use a bit more force than usual to close drawers, workshop drawers closure is cushioned and the content remains stable without sharply jogging your tools. Furthermore, the DEA workshop drawers soft system closure avoids useless noise in the workshop since drawers close slowly without hitting the frame.

Key lock

To ensure that no one touches your tools when you're not around, choose workshop drawers with locks. Also make sure the lock lets you lock all drawers with a single gesture so you have only to turn the key once to keep everything safe.

Now you know what feature you need to purchase truly functional workshop drawers. Browse the DEA catalogue and find the best drawers for you!

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