Workshop cabinets: DEA Worklab drawer units, cabinets and trolleys

Workshop cabinets: DEA Worklab drawer units, cabinets and trolleys

Workshop cabinets are essential furnishings in every vehicle service, maintenance or repair shop. It doesn't matter how big the shop is: cabinets streamline work, increase productivity and improve tidiness and cleanliness.

Drawer units, cabinets, tool trolleys: every workshop cabinet has a specific function, essential for flawless productivity. Workshop cabinets are simple furnishings but, if designed and constructed with attentive details, become irreplaceable allies for productivity in the workplace.

If, moreover, the workshop cabinets are made by DEA, aesthetics are added to practicality: our cabinets have an elegant, linear, solid and immediately recognisable design.

Here is our range of workshop cabinets.

Drawer units

Drawer units in our workshop cabinets are among the most spacious and functional. Fixed, installed in the workbench frame, they come in different heights, lengths and number of drawers.

Here are the most important technical features:

  • drawers are fully extensible, with soft closure
  • drawers can hold from 30 to 100 kg each, according to the model
  • handles are ergonomic made of extruded aluminium, polished, chrome-plated and equipped with guides to hold labels
  • each part is painted with rust-proof epoxy powder paint
  • adjustable feet
  • perforations for pipe and cable passage.



Trolleys are modules on wheels, extremely practical since they can be both secured to the workbench and easily moved to the vehicle maintenance station. This way, tools are always at your fingertips and tidily stored.

The main features of our workshop cabinets on wheels are:

  • 4 reinforced pivot wheels, two equipped with brakes
  • closure system integrated in the handle to ensure safe handling
  • rubberised magnets which, when not used, secure the trolley to the workbench frame
  • adjustable feet
  • welded frame.



Workshop cabinets are designed to store various objects (gauges, tools, equipment, cleaning accessories) larger than nuts and bolts, keys, etc. The doors are retractable to take up as little space possible.

What's more:

  • all modules have high storage capacity
  • they have one or more adjustable shelves
  • adjustment hinges always permit correct door alignment with the cabinet
  • depth is variable so that each model is best suited to certain compositions (for example, the module with reduced depth is ideal in the PC station).


DEA workshop cabinets: fully customisable

Our workshop cabinet design is unique and recognisable: attentive finishes, welded frame, anthracite grey, stainless steel profiles, chrome-plated extruded aluminium handles. Despite this, the module customisation possibilities are practically endless; you can choose the dimensions, colour, type of handles and accessories. All this lets you furnish a workshop that fully suits your style and personality: a reflection of your identity.

Do you want to view the entire DEA range of workshop cabinets? Download our catalogue, no strings attached, or contact us for a free estimate.


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