The work is progressing in the new DEA Headquarter

The work is progressing in the new DEA Headquarter

As announced in early September, the work on the new DEA and RO&Co S.p.A headquarter is almost finished. A considerable project aiming to create a cutting-edge workplace where we can ensure appropriate responses to all our customers’ needs.

A modern and functional workplace where our personnel can enjoy new facilities and instruments to welcome you and support you.

The project started thanks to the new production area purchased in Via Masaccio 15, in the industrial area of Mancasale, Reggio Emilia.

We have completely renovated a 15.000 square meters industrial site, redesigning the available space according to the different necessities of each department.

  • 5.000 m2 dedicated to the production area
  • 1.000 m2 of office area
  • 1.000 m2 for training and reception rooms
  • 1.500 m2 of outside areas and covered storage facilities
  • 6.500 m2 of green courtyard area

Well aware of the impact traditional production plants make on surrounding environment, we renovated the whole building in accordance with eco-friendly and energy saving principles.

Ground floor: the heart of production process, 100% Made in Italy

The new headquarter is a 2-storey building, with new facilities, totally dedicated to improving the service quality we offer our customers.

At ground floor we have a big area dedicated to DEA stock: the most popular products which are of course produced in our Production Plant in Calcinelli – Marche Region – will be transferred to the new warehouse in Reggio Emilia so to create additional space in our Production Plant: this solution will empower our Production capacity. All these changes will bring faster reactions to the increasing needs of the markets.

Obviously, the production area includes logistics and production offices, 4 meeting rooms as well as training rooms dedicated to our Sales Academy:

Featuring an advanced program of conferences and training courses for customers and staff, touching many different aspects of our business, sales strategies, technical information, and after-sales.

At ground floor, the project includes relaxation and fitness areas for our staff.

First floor: special details, reserved to our customers

The first floor is dedicated to offices and sales departments.

Spacious facilities for our growing team.

In addition, we have:

  • Research & Development facilities, where we are going to test new products and solutions, according to the high-quality standards.
  • A meeting room with lounge to welcome our customers in a friendly and cosy setting.
  • Guestrooms for our off-site staff.

Besides productive areas…

Since the beginning, our we followed the idea of improving well-being at work.

We wanted to create a people-oriented environment: a modern facility aiming to the personal and professional growth of our staff.

We created environment dedicated to the well-being of our staff as well as to the team growth: Fitness room, canteen, relaxation rooms and a large courtyard, making this new industrial site a pole of excellence from every point of view.

Please take note that our Company will be moving to the new Premises between 27nd of December and 7th of January (included).

We are sorry for the possible inconveniences it may cause. In case you need to get in touch with us please call on our mobile phones which are always on.

  • Emanuela Ferrari, GM +39 3478038481
  • Giulio Iob, Project Manager +39 349 1697032
  • Valeria Minniti, Sales Dept. +39 348 7460958
  • Francesco Coruzzi, After Sales Dept. +39 340 8876259

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