The story of the month: Diabolik's car

The story of the month: Diabolik's car

For most of us, Jaguar E-Type will always remain, Diabolik’s car, protagonist of the Italian comic, created in 1962 by Angela Giussani, but Jaguar E-Type with its very long hood and the tapered tail, represents one of the most beautiful car ever made.

Slender and agile in its forms, just like Diabolik, Jaguar did not initially happy on approaching the cartoon character to his car, only later, they understood that this combination could gave further charm to the car.

The E-Type was powered by the 3.8-liter in-line 6-cylinder and 265 horsepower and was the first sports road car in history, to use disc brakes on the 4 servo-assisted wheels, hidden behind gray-spoke wheels fixed with a wheel nut.

This month we want to combine this beautiful car with the DEA AR-903B.008  composition consisting of a door module, a tool trolley and a module for waste separate collection. This furniture stands out for its clean lines, compactness, ease of use, and "state of the art" aesthetic standards, just like the Jaguar E-Type. The tool trolley with its drawer unit equipped with a lock with key, an ergonomic handle in extruded aluminum and a “DEAmotion” soft closing system is the heart of this epoxy powder coated composition, entirely made in Italy. 

The practical door and the module for separate waste collection, complete all and will be able to meet the requests of the most demanding customers who seek the highest quality, solidity and practicality of use in a workshop furniture, together with the aesthetic form, according to the beauty of Italian design.

Lino Di Betta
AuthorLino Di Betta

Ispiratore DEA Italian Worklab

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