The new Mercedes-Benz workshop in Austria

The new Mercedes-Benz workshop in Austria

This Mercedes Benz project - achieved by DEA in Austria - was focused on the renewal of the existing workshop in Linz.

DEA met the investor for first time during the Exhibition in Frankfurt 2016, and at that time, the first solutions were introduced to the client.

Afterwards, the owner of this dealership came to Italy to see the Company and to develop – together with our engineers – his project. During this activity every area of the workshop was carefully studied and checked so to find the most performing solution. The technical proposal and the birth of the project was quite difficult because the available spaces in the workshop were compressed by an existing architecture that required very customized solutions.

DEA found the solution for satisfying the investor: furniture units perfectly set between triangular walls, fluid and energy distribution integrated in the furniture, stainless steel worktops to cover the entire length of DEA units. These solutions, together with the installation carried out by DEA technicians, made it possible to achieve a state of the art result.

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