The 3 main pluses of modular workshop furniture

The 3 main pluses of modular workshop furniture

The best representation of modern design is offered by modular furniture: compositional regularity, interlocking ease and visual order. But the pluses of owning modular workshop furniture do not stop with aesthetics. Let’s find out.

Modular workshop furniture is a type of furnishing based on modules you can combine as you please: not a single block, difficult to fit into your workshop space, but many elements to choose from and combine, to optimise space and efficiency.

It is a flexible solution that allows you to create customised projects, starting from a range of basic modules that are repeated and freely combined to adapt to the available surfaces and desired functions.

This is why we recommend you always choose modular furniture when looking for industrial storage cabinets for workshops to store parts, equipment and material. Let's take a closer look at why this is the best.

The advantages of modular workshop furniture

You can create your workstation starting from single high-quality components, with attention to the smallest details and entirely produced in Italy by DEA. Modular workshop furniture allows you to enjoy three main advantages. What are they?

Personalise your workspace by choosing from a wide assortment of furniture

Have the freedom to choose only the components you need, nothing superfluous. This advantage is paramount when it comes to furnishing a workshop, both in terms of space and price.
The wide range of DEA modular furniture allows for maximum customisation of any type of workplace.

Find the solution that best suits your needs

Modular workshop furniture allows for perfect space optimisation.
This combination of modularity and adaptability allows you to find the right furniture even for small workshops or with irregular floor plans, optimising the maximum volume.

Change the furniture combination and arrangement when your needs change

New machinery coming? Expanding or downsizing the workshop? DEA modular furnishings will follow you no matter what happens.
Furthermore, with modular furniture, the workstations will follow your work habits, not the other way round: you will be sure that you have made an investment that will pay off for many years.

Our modular furniture has been particularly appreciated to furnish a Peugeot workshop in France. Watch the video.

Some practical examples of compositions with modular furniture

Whatever your work needs, a modular workbench is the best tool to guarantee flexibility, customisation and efficiency in the management of tools, components, distribution channels and documents of all kinds. But often it is not clear which way to start to compose your ideal station.

For this reason, we propose some compositions to show how the various modules can be combined in different ways, composing single or double workstations.

workshop-furnitureAn example for small to medium-sized workshops

Workstation for mechanical workshops

- 1 single cabinet module with a left-hinged door
- 1 single trolley unit with 6 drawers and pivoting wheels
- 1 module with shelf and drawer
- 1 practical double unit with a shutter and perforated rear panel



DEA Worklab professionals are at your available to analyse your workshop and help you compose the perfect furniture to accommodate your needs and optimise your work.

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