Workshop storage systems

If you need help designing your new workshop storage system, you’ve come to the right place. In this page you can find our articles about this topic: in addition to precious advice from the DEA team, you can also look at our case studies and in-depth articles, and draw inspiration from the testimonials of our satisfied clients.


How can a workshop storage system help your activity?

Workshops are chaotic, dusty and noise places. Keeping order and cleanliness is essential to allow your team to efficiently work. Workshop storage units are one of your best allies in terms of order, cleanliness, safety and productivity.

We offer a wide range of modular workshop storage solutions. You can choose your favourite storage units among:


By choosing the workshop storage units that suits your needs, you and your team will be able to:

  • store tools and equipment, leaving workbenches free. This avoids wasting time searching for the right wrench or right sized bolts.
  • reduce cleaning and maintenance time for each tool, because they are well protected. If fluids or acids accidentally leak on the floor, tools are safe in cabinets.
  • guarantee technicians' safety. In fact, most tool cabinets are equipped with locks so that no one, unless authorised, can access their content. This is even more important if you keep confidential documents in your drawers.
  • increase team productivity and efficiency, allowing everyone to work with precision and speed, freely moving amongst the work stations.


Each unit of DEA’s workshop furniture is made of stainless steel and painted with epoxy powder, making it perfect also for heavy duty operations.


Choose DEA’s workshop storage systems for an excellent quality

DEA Worklab is the leading Italian company in the workshop furniture industry: our workshop and garage storage systems are the only ones that combine solidity, efficiency, practicality and aesthetics.

The design and construction of our workstations are completely in our hands: we do not delegate any operational phase to external companies, every single component is homemade with the high quality and style typical of Italian manufacturing.

Read these articles to learn more about workshop storage systems or contact our team for further information.

Garage storage systems: every part in its place

Garage storage systems: every part in its place

How to store equipment, tools and spare parts in a garage to be sure to immediately find them when needed? Here are some of our garage storage systems, their recommended use and potential customisations.

Workshop cabinet: find the one best suited to you

Workshop cabinet: find the one best suited to you

In the workshop, having a cabinet for storing tools, semi-finished parts and parts ready for delivery is the ideal solution for organising everything in the best possible way and always having what you are looking for at hand. Choosing the workshop cabinet that best meets your needs, however, is not a simple task. Take a look at the DEA offers and follow this short guide to find out which cabinet is the right one for you.

Workshop furniture: design and practicality by DEA

Workshop forniture: when design meets practicality

A beautiful, clean and tidy workshop conveys trust to customers and convinces them to choose you as their partner. When you evaluate workshop furniture, therefore, you have to pay attention to the aesthetics of the workbenches, cabinets, tool trolleys, but also to their practicality. DEA workshop furniture is the perfect solution for any type of business, combining refined design with maximum practicality.

Metal drawers for under a workbench: only useful if quality made

Cassettiera per banco da lavoro: è utile solo se è di qualità

Drawer units have the highest capacity and are the most practical of our workshop cabinets. Mounted in the workbench, they are available in different heights, lengths and number of drawers. But in order to be truly functional in the workshop, a drawer unit must have certain features that increase its quality.

Made in Italy workshop storage solutions

Made in Italy workshop storage solutions

Workshop storage systems must be all-round solutions: efficient and beautiful to look at, with ample space for customised details that reflect the brand's identity.

Workshop furnishings: which are a must?

Workshop furnishings: which are a must?

There are 5 types of workshop furnishings that make work easier: a suitable workbench, drawers, trolleys, ecological bins and fluid and energy distribution units. Especially if the quality is that of DEA Worklab.

Metal workshop drawers with a practical design

Metal workshop drawers with a practical design

All metal workshop drawers designed by DEA have some shared features that emerged from the pursuit of an essential combination: between design and functionality, aesthetics and practicality. Discover all the features of our storage solutions.

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