Porsche Brunei chooses DEA to set up the new service

Porsche Brunei chooses DEA to set up the new service

DEA Made in Italy hits Asia with a prestigious project completed with Porsche Brunei.

The Porsche Centre Brunei is one of the main points of reference for sports car enthusiasts. Overall, it includes a showroom, an after-sales service centre and a workshop.

DEA had the honour of completely renovating the workstation furnishings, creating an elegant and highly functional project.

The customer's goal

“In the beginning I looked around and could not find quite the car I dreamed of. So I decided to build it myself.” - Ferry Porsche, the car manufacturer's founder

This quote goes to the heart of everything that makes Porsche what it is, as a brand, as a company and as an automotive manufacturer. For more than 65 years it has covered all the values that characterise their work and their iconic vehicles.

Starting from this pillar, Porsche Brunei looked for a partner who could tailor-make a new working environment, always keeping the excellence that distinguishes the brand high. The customer was also oriented towards creating an exclusive flagship.

All these requirements led Porsche Brunei to choose DEA to renovate its dealership workshop.

The DEA solution, made to measure

Design, practicality, performance, usability, exclusivity: these are just some of the characteristics that distinguish the brand. DEA, which also reflected these strengths in the various workstations.

The solution we have designed together with the customer is very complete and equipped with every possible accessory to facilitate daily work.

DEA workshop benches were customised with different complements such as the built-in sink, fluid distribution stations and power sockets built-into benches. Furthermore, tool trolleys  and drawer units were a must to keep the workplace tidy and functional.

Moving on to the finishing touches, thanks to constant communications with Car manufacturers, DEA has chosen the most suitable colour to meet the requirements of Porsche's Corporate Identity, a detail that made the difference in the final result. To complete it all, the epoxy powder paint and the chromed details of the handles.

The customer's goal was thus achieved: to date, this dealership is one of the most beautiful in Brunei and has become a true point of reference. The special DEA furniture details have been so appreciated as to inspire other dealerships to ask us for a similar proposal to be reproduced in their own workshops.

Photo credits: Porsche

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