New DEA Installation: Bentley in Switzerland

New DEA Installation: Bentley in Switzerland

DEA Team has just completed the installation for one of the most prestigious car manufacturers: a Bentley workshop in the middle of Switzerland.

DEA brings at home another excellent result: it is the complete furniture installation of a Bentley workshop, an official dealer of the luxury car manufacturer, based in Switzerland. The layout is composed of 3 composition, with customized units and details, starting from the special Bentley colour.

The main composition is a long work bench formed by 3 tool trolleys, a closets and 2 ecological modules. In the upper part there are 3 wall furniture, 2 of which with shutter and one with flip-up opening door. The composition provides everything needed to work in total efficiency, comfort, order and cleanliness.

We installed a second composition with a drawerchest, a trolley and a module with shutter: in a small area, we created a large, studied and multi-functional corner.

Last but not least, a PC station that, from a chaotic and unproductive space became a small, efficient and perfectly organized working place, characterized by the DEA style and Bentley’s colours.

Before and After: a radical change

It is interesting to observe the pictures “before and after”: we can immediately notice how DEA compositions can transform even the smallest place, converting it into a concentrate of design, benefit and production yield

Lino Di Betta
AuthorLino Di Betta

Ispiratore DEA Italian Worklab

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