Modular workbench: the possible combinations are infinite

Modular workbench: the possible combinations are infinite

Whatever your work needs, a modular workbench is the best tool to guarantee flexibility, customisation and efficiency in the management of tools, components, distribution channels and documents of all kinds. Let's take a look at all the modules that you can use to create custom combinations.

DEA workbenches are suitable for different work environments: workshops, body shops, industries. Thanks to the proposed solutions you can create your modular workbench starting from single high quality components , with attention to the smallest details and design and entirely produced in Italy.

Let's take a closer look at the elements you can use to configure a modular workbench.

DEA modules that can be used to compose a workbench

modular workbench


DEA offers workshops and body shops a wide range of modular furniture designed to last over time, withstand all daily stresses and give a sophisticated look to the work environment.

Let's take a look at all the furnishings you can use to create a modular workbench.


Workshop workbenches are available in one-module, two-module or three-module versions in heights 92 and 110. DEA workshop benches perfectly fit into any type of composition: for mechanical workshops and for body shops in general, but also for specific environments such as the diagnostic area or the acceptance area.

Drawer units

Workshop drawers are ideal for storing documents and small equipment, also organised in special compartments integrated in the drawers. Drawer units are equipped with DEAmotion guides: you will not have to worry about accompanying the drawer to close.


Tool trolleys are equipped with pivoting wheels and can be extracted from their compartment and moved from time to time where needed. The solid steel structure guarantees maximum impact and weight resistance of work tools.


More than 20 different types of workshop cabinets, with retracting doors so as not to obstruct when opened, are part of the wide range of DEA furnishings.

You can choose cabinets for a modular workbench with reduced depths for use as PC workstations or designed to accommodate columns or lift consoles, or even with flat bottoms for housing trolley-mounted utensils.


DEA workshop cupboards have been designed to house a number of different objects: large spare parts, power tools, all special equipment and documents. Unnecessary dimensions are reduced by creating sliding doors, ideal especially in smaller workshops.

Waste collection

DEA offers over 10 different solutions for sorted waste collection.

The selection includes fixed and mobile solutions, and cabinets with flat steel bases for storing wheel-mounted containers.

Energy distribution

A modular DEA workbench offers specific modules with built-in fittings and reels for electricity distribution, but also of air, water or technical fluids, depending on the customer's needs.

Wall cabinets

In order to make the most of the available workshop or body shop space, DEA offers a series of wall cabinets to meet every requirement and for every type of work environment.

Don’t miss out on the benefits of a modular workbench

A DEA modular workbench offers several improvements to working life, as well as positively changing the general appearance of the workshop or body shop. Specifically:

  • It allows you to keep working tools and important documents in perfect order. You will find everything in an instant thanks to the more precise organisation. The aspect also prompts you to keep the work environment in order.
  • It guarantees space optimisation, up to the last available metre. To accommodate every request, every piece of furniture is available in different sizes and heights. Furthermore, depending on the changes that will take place in the workshop or body shop, you can change the composition to adapt to the new spaces.
  • You can personalise not only on the basis of the most frequent operations (thanks to the choice of specific modules), but also on the basis of the corporate identity. DEA, in fact, lets you choose the most suitable colour and finishes to maintain a coherent image even in environments where the aesthetic aspect is generally neglected.

Do you need help in choosing the most suitable modules for your business? DEA professionals are here to help you.

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