Metal workshop drawers with a practical design

Cassettiere metalliche per officina dal design funzionale

All metal workshop drawers designed by DEA have some shared features that emerged from the pursuit of an essential combination: between design and functionality, aesthetics and practicality.

Drawers that clang, untidy tools: a mechanic's worst nightmare. Good metal workshop drawers prevent you from wasting time, wandering around to find clamps, the right wrench. And how many times, engrossed in work, have you clumsily dropped a tool in the drawer, almost breaking it?

To keep your workshop tidy, clean and productive, DEA has designed metal workshop  drawers that stand out from the others because they are both functional – spacious, resistant to chemical agents and mechanical stress – and elegant.

Exclusive DEA metal workshop drawer features

DEA metal workshop drawers are the result of attentive design: they are designed to solve the problems that occur in workshops daily, meaning clutter, confusion, noise and various hindrances to productivity.

  • The ergonomic handles made of extruded aluminium promote a secure drawer grip and can be customised with labels to indicated drawer content;
  • DEA Motion closure lets you close the drawer without having to accompany it because it's cushioned and prevents drawers from knocking when quickly moved;
  • Full extraction lets you easily reach even those tools and equipment left at the back of the drawer;

  • Perforations in the frame, intended for pipe and wire passage, help to keep the workplace tidy and functional;
  • Lastly, the key lock provides additional security, especially for those drawers that hold documents, office supplies or a laptop.


A variety of drawer models:

Our metal workshop drawers are available in different sizes and with a variable number of drawers; there is a 90 cm and 110 cm high version for each width. According to the model, the maximum capacity of each drawer varies from 30 to 100 kg.

As for width, you can choose:

  • 72 cm
  • 108 cm
  • 144 cm
  • 215 cm

All our drawers are customisable: modular and adaptable between each other or with other furnishing elements: customised with workshop brand identity colours; equipped with reinforced feet, dividers or non-slip mats.


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