Mechanical workshop furnishings: discover Custom Tailor Made

Mechanical workshop furnishings: discover Custom Tailor Made

What elements make top-notch mechanical workshop furnishings stand out from the rest? There are at least 3: customisation, solution flexibility and attention to quality details. Here are 3 examples of DEA furnishings created according to the Custom Tailor Made philosophy.

One of the basic principles of good marketing is the ability to stand out, find your personal style: this is why a mechanical workshop must stand out from the competition to achieve success or maintain prestige.

A good way to stand out also lies in mechanical workshop furnishings: custom furnishings, designed and created to match the brand image and workspace, is a necessary value.

Let's take a look at 3 examples of successful workshop restyling by DEA.

1. Porsche installation in Switzerland

We completed an impressive project in July 2017: after just 15 months, the Porsche Centre, built on 3000 m2 of land, was inaugurated in the Upper Lake Zurich region.

In the centre, Porsche wanted to create an 800 m2 service centre, with 15 workstations. The dealer called on us to furnish the mechanical workshop: we created and selected every detail of each piece of furniture to provide results up to par with a high-class workshop.

2. Jaguar Land Rover installation in the United Kingdom

A new challenge, a foreign market, a foreign flair, a different workshop concept: a project designed for across the channel culture.

For the British Jaguar Land Rover centre, we revisited the classic standards that characterise Italian and European mechanical workshop furnishings:

  • Modular composition able to fill and optimise space between columns;
  • Larger drawer units;
  • 108 cm wide drawers.

Substantially, we maximised the holding capacity and flexibility of use to create a tailor-made product for British standards.


3. Mercedes Benz project in Helsinki

The Mercedes Benz installation in Helsinki is one of the most complex projects we've ever faced: a 11,200 m2 space near the airport that houses a car sales department (new and used), a workshop, an engine room, a car wash and a taxi centre.

Mercedes contacted our mechanical workshop furnishing specialists and commissioned most of its workshop furnishings: for days, various lorries unloaded furniture directly at the work site, laying the foundations for a modern installation, never seen before.

DEA: mechanical workshop furnishings with a tailor-made style

It is thus clear how we create our mechanical workshop furnishings according to the Custom Tailor-Made philosophy: just like in an exclusive boutique, where the tailor makes custom clothing for his customers to enhance the physique and charisma, our furnishing solutions enhance every detail of the brand.

We attend to the style, the visual identity, the real demands and needs for efficiency required by each brand, to furnish spaces that are beautiful to see and pleasant to experience.

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