Made in Italy workshop storage solutions

Made in Italy workshop storage solutions

Workshop storage systems must be all-round solutions: efficient and beautiful to look at, with ample space for customised details that reflect the brand's identity.

How many and what are the most efficient workshop storage solutions? It depends on: the type of service centre, its size, the number of workstations, the quantity of spare parts stored in the warehouse, and other factors.

At DEA we produce various workshop storage furnishings, including benches, drawers, trolleys wall furnishings, small and industrial cabinets, waste collection modules and technical fluid and energy dispensing modules.

Workshop storage organised with various modules

Each type of furniture is designed for a specific use:

  • Trolleys to hold small parts and tools that must be within the mechanic's reach when working on the vehicle;



  • Wall modules for accessories such as detergents, spray cans, etc.;


  • Benches as a space to place dismantled and spare parts, including tyres;


  • Small cabinets to organise the workstation-office, with specific spaces for a PC and laptop and safety drawers for important documents.


Compositions can be created by only selecting certain furnishings to adapt the installation to the single and specific workshop storage needs.


Extra value: customised installation

What's more, DEA furniture can be 100% customised: you can choose the colour of the frame or profiles, locks, type of shutter; but also the measurements, finishings, internal accessories, lighting or panels.

We leave so much room for customisation to work to our customer's advantage; a workshop furnished with shapes, colours and lines consistent with the company's image improves the customer experience, because the customer is 100% immersed in the reality of the brand, perceives its coherence, its cohesiveness, its strength: in a word, identity. The customer relies on that identity to receive the high-quality service he was looking for.


DEA workshop storage solutions are Italian from any perspective

To create our workshop storage systems, we rely on the work of a totally Italian production: from design to turnkey installation, through the creation of individual pieces, assembly and testing, all the steps of creating a DEA installation are fully Made in Italy.  Which is synonymous with quality, balance, attention to detail and assistance before, during and after the sale.

Do you want to learn about all the DEA possibilities for workshop storage?


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