Lino Di Betta's Letter: A look at what we’d like to do together with You


Reggio Emilia, 8th May 2018

 Dear friends and colleagues,

Before anything else, how are you? How is the year going? I’ve already had the chance to meet in our company someone of you, full of energy, ideas and new projects to share together!

As far as we are concerned, we are thrilled to see how many activities can be done and we look forward to welcoming you and considering what can be done together.

Designing our future together with you: together we win and go farther!

You should by now be aware of our achievements and of our new premises where we hope to welcome you soon.

Thanks to the excellent results attained in these years we’ve been rewarded as “Champions of Growth”, an award for to the best 300 Italian companies, on a sample of about 8 million, which achieved a growth performance of over 10% during 2014/16 three-year period.

DEA S.r.l. achieved an average of 31% (!!) and received the platinum quality seal.

Many companies, many of you in these years have turned to us contributing to generate these rates of growth (which continue ...) and we are grateful to you for that. We know that the proposals on the market are multiple and com­petitive. It can be said that to record significant growth rates you must inevitably have assets that are completely different from the others and that make the difference.

We continually strive for excellence as a mental attitude and we believe in continuous improvement and continuous change. This approach tirelessly upgrades the quality standards of the offered products and services. It continu­ously enhances people mindset and their professionalism.

Our achievements are the result of activities carried out together with you, planned year after year with a medium-long term strategy aimed at building a long-lasting and non-speculative relationship. We endorse a fresh approach to business, a coherent mentality that adheres to the expectations of the clients who choose based on what they see and above all “feel”.

In the era we are experiencing, customers receive daily so many messages that they try to protect themselves by looking for information that can be defined instinctive and counterintuitive. Human beings’ ability to select their counterparts as a result of what they feel to be the right person, the right company to relate with, becomes impor­tant. What is intangible plays a role and determines the purchasing process.

This way of proceeding, selecting and choosing is something that can be influenced over time by acting on people, on the ability of our people to communicate and create a sincere, empathetic feeling that perfectly adheres to the characteristics of our counterpart. Selecting and training people, making them grow and capable of representing and promoting the company, the history, the values and the future.

Too many times we act thinking about the past, and little about the future. In our profession we are required to act thinking about the future.

For all these and other reasons we are willing to submit to you our new work programme named “TOGETHER WITH YOU TO MAKE THE FUTURE”. It is with you that we’d like to create the change, the strategy of winning organizations able to communicate and structure a service and products that are UNIQUE and different from competitors.

It’s a revolutionary challenge that lies ahead of us over the next few years. We’d like you to join us, a better world and a better future are possible, just believe it.

We are waiting for you to experience a beautiful and enriching professional and human experience. Let’s join us...

Lino Di Betta

Lino Di Betta
AuthorLino Di Betta

Ispiratore DEA Italian Worklab

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DEA italian worklab
Fabio Guardo wrote on

Ciò che è intangibile contribuisce e determina il processo di acquisto....é una bellissima frase ed è soprattutto molto vera perché tanto più si incrementa questa offerta di prodotti, principalmente sulle nuove piattaforme virtuali, tanto più la differenza la farà il rapporto umano.

DEA italian worklab
Marcello Nizzoli wrote on

Fabio, concordo e ringrazio per averlo sottolineato! VERAMENTE ATTUALE: "... la capacità dell’essere umano di selezionare i propri interlocutori in ragione di quello che sente essere la persona, l’azienda giusta con cui relazionarsi. Ciò che è intangibile contribuisce e determina il processo di acquisto."

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