Jaguar Land Rover and DEA: a new set-up that confirms a lasting partnership

Jaguar Land Rover and DEA: a new set-up that confirms a lasting partnership

The Jaguar Land Rover group once again chose DEA to furnish one of its centres in Austria. New independent workstations, plus the quality and practicality of the selected furnishings, have contributed to visibly improving staff operations, as well as giving a more orderly and refined look to the work environment.

The JLR service centre in Klagenfurt, Austria, is located on an area of 15,000 square metres, and includes a showroom of approximately 500 square metres, a well-equipped workshop and an efficient after-sales area.

The modern Jaguar Land Rover service centre has relied on DEA to renovate the workshop workstations, choosing a balanced mix of standard modular elements and customisation.


Installation features

The installation created for the customer is simple and complete at the same time.

The customer wanted to follow a precise operating approach: instead of setting up the workshop with a single large workstation shared by all the mechanics, it focused on the composition of individual independent workstations, one for each operator.

This approach has proved useful in several respects. Each mechanic has his own personal tools and the furniture composition that best suits his assignments. In this way, not only has it been possible to speed up work, but also to maintain an adequate distance between one person and the next during the social distancing period due to the COVID-19 emergency.


DEA furnishings selected for the workshop

Standard workshop furnishings were used to obtain the desired result, organised following the specific needs of the workshop technicians, plus some modules specially adapted to integrate with the existing spaces and not to affect the previously installed systems.

Mechanics at workstation can use tool trolleys, drawer units and cabinets, all enclosed under a solid shock-proof, scratch-proof and solvent-proof workbench. To top it all off, a practical stainless steel sink complete with tap.


The set-up and the selected colours perfectly match the Jaguar Land Rover Corporate Identity. For this reason, and due to the high quality of the furnishings, DEA has been approved by the JLR group as a supplier and included in their official documents.

You too can have a highly functional workshop. Our professionals are available to give you a closer look at the furnishings selected for this installation and many other solutions.


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