Industrial workstation: here's what it looks like

Industrial workstation: here's what it looks like

DEA manufactures industrial workstations designed to ensure resistance, practicality and safety at all times. Let's take a look at how they are made, how they can be arranged and what advantages they offer.

The industrial workstation focuses heavily on substance, as well as on shape. It meets practical needs, with concrete responses and lasting practicality: resistance, capacity, adaptability, safety. Let's see all the features to look for in an industrial workstation and then discover the DEA range.

Industrial workstation: 4 features

Below find that defined as the set of essential features for an industrial workstation:

  1. Resistance. The workstation must withstand impact and friction, without showing signs of yielding and must bear very heavy weights; all of this, over a long useful life.
  2. Practicality. The workstation must be a tool and an aid for industrial work, and not a hindrance: large, flat surfaces, without edges are required, possibility of high point loads.
  3. Adaptability. The function of the workstation can vary over time; therefore it is essential that the declared use can be changed without compromising the other features.
  4. Safety. Meaning the safety of employees.


DEA Industrial workstations

DEA industrial workstations are suitable for all production areas, laboratories, logistics areas, assembly lines, etc. Modular and adaptable, made of solid fully welded sheet metal, the workstations are designed to meet the needs of the market with a rational solution, optimising space and increasing production efficiency.

A DEA industrial workstation is custom-made, starting from the basic elements:

  • the actual workstations, with upper and lower shelves, side walls and adjustable feet
  • the drawers, with capacities from 70 to 400 kg, and all equipped with an anti-tipping system
  • cabinets, with retracting doors
  • trolleys
  • modules for fluid and energy distribution
  • waste collection modules
  • wall cabinets, with doors or shutter, and sliding shelves.

Work tops

A special work top covers the entire length of each DEA Industrial workstation. Tops come in three versions:

  • classic, made of 2 mm thick sheet metal, 4 folds and 2 reinforcement bars below
  • made of stainless steel, with welded corners and 2 reinforcement omega bars
  • made of wood.

It also acts as a work surface and shelf to install clamps and other tools.


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